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I’ve had a few….and tried many.

I did photography for a long time.  I can develop my own film (black & white and color….which I don’t recommend ….c41 development reeks and in my humble opinion is toxic).   680 more words

Doodling and Dyeing

I finally finished my Doodler shawl this week! This was the Westknits 2015 Mystery Knit along (MKAL) that started in November last year. I’d been really looking forward to finally knitting one of Stephen West’s magnificent shawl designs, and it turned out all I needed was his fabulously camp… 505 more words


Back at last and with some finished items

Hi there, how are you? I hope you are doing better than I am since I have a big cold and have totally lost my voice! 1,695 more words


Finished Socks!

I finished making my first pair of socks a few days ago, and about time too! Having started them back in July 2015, they’ve been a long, long time on the needles. 979 more words

Knitting Socks - with a little help from experts 

This post started with Steve bringing me a bowl of beanie weanies for Sunday night supper.

I looked at the color of the bowl, the sock I was knitting, and the teal of my new robe from Christmas. 220 more words


My (unfinished) Socks

I love knitting… and remember, I started to learn knitting socks! But nothing went good.. I mean correct… I did again and again from the beginning… But what happened then, I solved the key how to knit socks with 5 needles…. 73 more words

The Curse of Living in 'Interesting Times' by John H. Richardson, in Esquire

There’s a certain level of creative license that is evident in this piece published in Esquire. Notably, I had no idea I was talking to a journalist when this conversation took place. 286 more words