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The... Never... Ending... Socks....

Truly, I love knitting socks — I really do! Check out my Ravelry Projects page for proof! And I never suffer from “Second-Sock-Syndrome.” But t… 269 more words

How I Knit My Socks (A Recipe)

The yarn I bought the other day has inspired me.

There’s not much I like more than crispy, hard-wearing sock yarn. There’s something about the texture that makes me so happy even if it’s not the softest thing ever and in the space of two days the combination of colour and texture spurred me into this sock. 382 more words


// 7: Spaces.

The reason for me not finishing Eskimimi’s Blog Week challenge last week is because of that camera problem. The camera that I use (which actually belongs to my mother) ran out of batteries and we did not have any AAs in stock. 239 more words


More on Sock Blanks

What is a sock blank? Some of you are sure to be familiar with those and others maybe not so much.

A sock blank is a machine knit “blank” or a piece that looks like a short, wide scarf. 415 more words


// 2: Beginnings.

This day’s post is supposed to be about the blogger, in this case, me. What do I say about myself?

I don’t know. I guess that one of the most obvious aspects in my life at the moment is the thing that this blog is centered around. 1,031 more words


General Hogbuffer

Does that name sound at all familiar? If not, then I’m so happy to be able to introduce you to this fantastic sock designer! A while back I was browsing Ravelry for some Sock patterns and I found this amazing designer that has a lot of gorgeous sock patterns and they are all FREE! 466 more words


A Word On Noro

Ugh, this blog post smells of paint. Sorry about that. I’ve been painting the sitting room walls and my hair. To be honest, I’ve been painting the sitting room for the past nine months, budging toys, furniture, guests,¬†and small children out of the way as I went. 505 more words