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Beach Baby Bunting

This post follows on from the previous post: Knitted Bunting where you will find the free pattern for the triangles.

It is inspired by the… 246 more words


[Self] Censorship

Self portrait

This week blogger Sharon Mann’s post of masked women reminded me that I wanted to make a fiber piece on this same theme. The idea of self-censorship pokes into my brain from time to time. 76 more words


Exercises in Knitting: Beautiful Pattern for a Shetland Shawl

For this week I swatched a pattern for a Shetland shawl from Exercises in Knitting. While I want to make a full sized shawl with this pattern, I am still looking at photographs and museum collections for some guidance about what the final thing should look like. 233 more words

a better update

So, I figured that since I have a little bit of time, I’d do a little better of an update than the one I posted yesterday. 1,075 more words


Day 51

Today was an early start for hubby. I rolled out of bed and joined him in the pre-sun wake up. Soon as he jetted off to work, I worked out. 498 more words

Happy Mother’s Day To Me

My husband is a dear man. But he’s about as observant as the average knitting muggle. He has over the last 12 years taken an interest in my knitting and shown a great appreciation for my hobby. 183 more words


Knitwear Trends for Summer 2019: Contrast Colour & Vintage Revival

Welcome to the fifth and final instalment of my series: Summer Knitwear 2019!

In this series I look at the trends in summer knitwear this year and make pattern suggestions for knitters inspired to replicate these looks. 539 more words