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Crafting List Update

Writing a huge list is first overwhelming then somehow switches to motivational. Maybe because I like ✔️s.

I like to tackle the easy, almost-done things first. 456 more words


Time to get ready for Christmas!!

I’m a slow knitter with lofty Christmas knitting goals. The only way I stand a snowball’s chance in hell of getting everything done is if I start yesterday. 53 more words

A Whole Summer Later...

This spring, against better judgement, I cast on for a fingering weight MKAL sweater by Vera Sannon. Don’t get me wrong, I love her patterns, so I knew I would love the result. 82 more words

Our first trip to Webs was everything we thought it would be. It’s in the beautiful town of Northampton in Massachusetts. We took the ferry from Port Jefferson then drove the rest of the way. 136 more words


Sweet rebellion

First posted 1st September 2016

I’m on a commuter train to Glasgow, everyone on their daily mission, a crowd of diverse human beings with big thoughts and feelings, sitting silently, dressed in muted, inoffensive work garb. 19 more words


Still yellow hatting!

First posted 28th August 2016

#YellowHat is still on the go! I’ve had a creative weekend working on the dentist song (it may yet see the light of day), and creating a wee piece for friends of ours, which I may post in the next couple of days if they’re happy. 27 more words



First posted 23rd August 2016

So…this knitting thing is getting out of hand 😂 #YellowGreenPurpleRedBlueHat and pink water bottle cover ❤️ Rosalind tells me that you can get a PhD in researching knitting patterns from Brighton…perhaps I should investigate 😊