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I Need a New Shawl

It seems to be a trend in college doing your laundry as little as possible. Some are just lazy, some are trying to conserve water (me!) and other sorts of reasons. 212 more words


Yarn Cats

This is a very delayed post. First due to sheer laziness after finishing homework and then an emergency room trip (cook a meal together, they said, it’ll be a cute date they said). 148 more words


Spring Travel Knitting

I can’t help but over-pack knitting projects when I travel. What if there’s a problem with the project I packed? What if it isn’t suitable for the activity I’m taking part in on a given day? 388 more words


Head and Shoulders, Tail and Ears

J was away this weekend for lifeguard training so I felt fully justified in turning into a hermit and modding Jij’s ears and tail to my satisfaction. 358 more words


Spring Cleaning

I am not a naturally organized person, but I try so hard to be. No matter the strategy I use in about a week or so my dorm room is a mess. 235 more words


Whatcha' Workin on Wednesday (s2 ep 9)

This week seems to be one of those weird time warp weeks. I find it hard to believe that it’s only Wednesday and already Wednesday at the same time. 175 more words


And a Dollar Short

Partway though the frigid winter we had up here I decided I needed another pair of mittens to wear over my Podster Gloves (By Glenna C.). 297 more words