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The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2016 – Knock Knock, Damian Kingsley, 26th August 2016

I very much wanted to see our next show, primarily to cheer the guy on and support his incredible fund-raising for Shelter. It’s Damian Kingsley’s… 210 more words

Chris Sparkle

I Asked My Friends to Tell Me Jokes and I Was Extremely Disappointed

Today I am procrastinating. I’m leaving my home Friday for my cousin’s wedding and from the venue to school (in Washington D.C.) on Sunday. Therefore, I have to be packed for the weekend and the rest of the year. 391 more words

Next Door

By now you have surely seen the buzz about Uptown’s latest hot spot, Next Door, and, if you follow me on social media, (which, if you don’t already we definitely need to have a chat about that later) you know that I am personally a big fan as well. 579 more words

Restaurant Review

+3 Interview: Knock Knock

“I decided to do my Penniless Tour for Shelter from Land’s End to Edinburgh (120 gigs with no money or transport).”

WHO: Damian Kingsley – Comedian… 227 more words

Plus 3 2016

National Tell a Joke Day

apparently it’s National Tell a Joke Day so here’s a couple of Knock, Knock jokes . . .

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Sh*t, stop the funeral! 31 more words


Knock, Knock; The Story So Far EPISODES 1- 10


Times have been desperate for the people of Coldford. Once upon a time executives now reduced to rummaging through their neighbours trash to find a meal. 15,874 more words

Vivika Widow

Trick or Treat


magickal lies

to be or not to be? 78 more words