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Knock, Knock Episode 13

Tabitha opened the door. She stared at Maddy’s body like a famished fox in a hen house.

“Clever boy,” she said. “You shot her. I knew you could do it.” 873 more words

Vivika Widow

Jared Leto Sells Aftershave

Jared Leto is no stranger to advertising aftershave, but now he has upgraded from high street to designer, if you will. It is basically Jared Leto  looking a bit too skinny and the director wishing he could direct some really arthouse European film but is stuck doing commercials. 457 more words


Knock Knock (2015)/The Green Inferno (2015)

When writer-director Eli Roth released Cabin Fever in 2002 he used his public persona as horror movie geek (and pal of Quentin Tarantino) to announce his intentions to return the genre to its disreputable past. 772 more words

The Vita Report

As in some various Vita stuff over the last few months that I just don’t feel like doing whole individual posts for. Stuff like…

Uuuugh. I tried and tried to like this, but I just kept putting it down and not wanting to pick it back up again. 565 more words


The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2016 – Knock Knock, Damian Kingsley, 26th August 2016

I very much wanted to see our next show, primarily to cheer the guy on and support his incredible fund-raising for Shelter. It’s Damian Kingsley’s… 212 more words

Chris Sparkle

I Asked My Friends to Tell Me Jokes and I Was Extremely Disappointed

Today I am procrastinating. I’m leaving my home Friday for my cousin’s wedding and from the venue to school (in Washington D.C.) on Sunday. Therefore, I have to be packed for the weekend and the rest of the year. 391 more words

Next Door

By now you have surely seen the buzz about Uptown’s latest hot spot, Next Door, and, if you follow me on social media, (which, if you don’t already we definitely need to have a chat about that later) you know that I am personally a big fan as well. 579 more words

Restaurant Review