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Becoming the News

“Coldford Daily’s prime independent reporter, Sam Crusow, has been declared missing after being questioned under caution by Coldford City Police Department (CCPD) over the death of his wife, 29 year old Theresa Crusow. 217 more words

Vivika Widow

"Knock Knock": A Male Fantasy and Fear-Driven Thriller

Eli Roth’s 2015 film Knock Knock has given me a lot of mixed feelings. Overall, it received low reviews on Metacritic, and Rotten Tomatoes, but then so did Hostel, perhaps Roth’s greatest claim to fame which I think is wildly underrated. 863 more words

DJ Koze Keeps It Weird With His Text-Only 'Pick Up' Video

If there’s one thing you can say about DJ Koze is that he’s got a sense of humor. That’s especially evident with the release of his video for new single “Pick Up.” You can see the treatment (or lack thereof) above. 162 more words


Who knocked you up this morning ?

Imagine life without alarm clocks. Workdays would start at noon, breakfast would be brunch, and no one would make it to class before the first bell. 145 more words


What the Club Wants

She was told to arrive at the club around four pm. Emily thought she would be the only one but there was another woman there. She was standing outside the door. 773 more words

Vivika Widow

Helping Hands Chopsticks Because Who Doesn't Need A Spare Set Of Hands?

​Please, a tiny round of applause for our Helping Hands Chopsticks! Hilariously adorable they also make it perfectly okay to eat with your hands, in any dining situation! 7 more words