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The Knock on the door

I am about to go on a journey to Auschwitz – site of one of the infamous concentration camps which, in the second world war, was used to imprison and exterminate 1.1 million Jews in addition to numbers of Gypsies, Homosexuals and others that the Third Reich though were not worthy of life. 347 more words

'Knock Knock' the Joke is On You (Review)

I have a complicated relationship with Eli Roth.

Well, actually I don’t. I don’t have a relationship with him at all. I watch his movies and he lives his life looking way too attractive for a horror producer/director. 1,647 more words


Knock knock

​Knock knock is a film released on 2015 starring Keanu Reeves, about an architech who was left at home by his family for the long weekend, when two girls comes knocking on his door in the middle of a storm. 264 more words

Keanu Reeves


A few days ago, I read If, and now am including one of those statements each morning with my prayers.

Life has thrown me a few more curve balls this summer, and given me a lot of time to spend with Him. 122 more words

Knock, Knock


Keanu Reeves sex scene with Eli Roth’s wife

The 52-year-old actor recalled how it feels like to act a sex scene with a married actress and the husband happened to be the director. 128 more words