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comedy is cyclical

Today, NPR gives us the history of the knock-knock joke, which started out with a slightly different format and in the 1920’s were called “nifties.” In the 1930’s, “businesses staged knock-knock contests…Swing orchestras wove knock-knock schtick into songs.”  Apparently Pennsylvanians LOVED the knock-knock joke. 176 more words


Knock, knock. Who's there? Amos

Hawkeye: Knock, knock.
Bernie: Who’s there?
Hawkeye: Amos.
Bernie: Amos, who?
Hawkeye: A mosquito!


different language

Yesterday, a rabbi and I were discussing different forms of a pronoun, as I had questions about it. He told me that, with the Babylonian exhile, more and more Aramaic was introduced into the bible so that is why there are differnt forms – one Hebrew and one Aramaic. 508 more words

Knock, Knock

Exploring Field Notes

Field Notes is one of those companies that serves a very specific need, a portable notebook to jot down your ideas as soon as they pop into your head.  287 more words


Knock Knock

P=Person 1 P2=Person 2

P: Knock knock! P2: Who’s there? P: Luke! P2: Luke who? P: Luke through the peephole and see!

P: Knock knock! P2: Who’s there? 71 more words

Knock Knock

Knock Knock Jokes

Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Sarah who?
Sarah doctor in the house?! I’ve got a belly ache.

Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Jamal who?
Jamal shook up, stop yelling at me 105 more words