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Don’t answer the door in ‘Knock Knock’

Rating 1/5

This goes for the audience. This is one of those movies where if you like that sort of thing, it will be the sort of thing you like. 806 more words

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Have I Got Whos For You (part 90001)

Today’s Who roundup: first, an exclusive BBC production still of the contents of the Vault.

Meanwhile there is chaos over at Bagpuss & Co when Emily brings in her latest Lost Thing for repair. 10 more words

Doctor Who

REVIEW: Doctor Who – S10E04: 'Knock Knock'


Yet another solid episode. The consistency of Series 10 so far is remarkable considering the shit we’ve had to put up with the last few years. 352 more words


Everybody Votes

I make no apology for re-posting this one from last year.  Apathy is the easiest way to vote for someone you don’t like.  Register today or I’m sending the spiders around to get you.   7 more words

Doctor Who Knock Knock Review

I got up early today to get this review done and tonight will be the double bunger on Oxygen followed by Extremis (which I need to re-watch because the episode was so dense, if brilliant). 739 more words


Knock, Knock: Episode 7 (A night cap at the club)

I couldn’t take it any more. I had to get away. Killing the Mayor had been one thing. I decided to hang around and let the story unfold after that but for my own souls sake I had to escape Tabitha’s murderous intent. 860 more words

Vivika Widow

Doctor Who - Knock, Knock

It’s late, I know. And ACTUALLY late, not just in the same week, but not as timely as I’d like late. NEVER MIND. Let’s cast our minds back a week and a bit to what was at the time MAYBE my new fav episode of the series. 1,550 more words

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