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Diagon Alley

There is only one ride in Diagon Alley and it is not to be missed! 757 more words


Bike Tour and Afternoon Tea

The last time we rode a bike was probably 10 years ago. Now imagine getting on a bike after 10 years later and riding around a huge city. 410 more words

Photography 101 - Borgin & Burkes

Down Knockturn Alley we found Borgin & Burkes.

Inside there is a vanishing cabinet and if you press your ear up to the door, you can hear a bird tweeting inside. 9 more words

Suzanne Costigan

4,336 Miles Home

I hate to be ‘that person’ but it’s our thing! It’s British through and through. So why have I got to travel 4,336 to enjoy a theme park that should be in Britain! 589 more words