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March 31 – 090

KnotPlot. Satellite knot.

In mathematics, a knot is an embedding of a circle in 3-dimensional Euclidean space. Knots have been part of our scientific and cultural exploration of the world since prehistorical times – in China as well as in the Celtic world. 57 more words

One Image A Day - 364 Days

CSUSB colloquium

I’m giving a talk tomorrow afternoon at the CSUSB Mathematics department. I will explain some of the stuff I’ve been working on, then shift gears to show how the general machinery can be applied to another mathematical landscape: knots. 109 more words


Some thoughts on knots: current research

Over the weekend I went to the Third(!!!) annual Midwest Women in Mathematics Symposium (remember when I founded it?  Now it’s all fancy with funding and many attendees and event staff!)  As it turned out, not very much of the math in my parallel session was exactly up my alley, and also I was feeling lazy so I didn’t take many notes.   914 more words


Magic, Mathematics and Celtic Knots

In higher level mathematics, numbers are largely forgotten and focus is placed upon shape, shape, planes, intersections – the manipulations of and speculations upon the physical / perceived nature of things. 610 more words


"A child[’s]…first geometrical discoveries are topological…If you ask him to copy a square or a triangle, he draws a closed circle"*...

Topology is the Silly Putty of mathematics.  Indeed, sometimes, topology is called “rubber-sheet geometry” because topologists study the properties of shapes that don’t change when an object is stretched or distorted. 331 more words

Introducing Cube Knots

This movie introduces cube knots—a new way to represent knots in 3-dimensional space. Cube knots are special because there are two Reidemeister-like moves that take any cube diagram representation of a knot to any other cube diagram representation of that knot. 83 more words

Scott Baldridge

Topology: How are a donut and a coffee mug the same?

In Mystery Math, we tackled the mysteries of Topology today. Maybe you’ve heard of mobius strips, but how about a Torus?

Want to learn more about a Torus… 28 more words

I Wonder!