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Grid Homology

This is a follow on from my post on grid diagrams for knots you can see here. With these grid diagrams you can define a  531 more words


Recent coloured HOMFLYPT-related stuff

One of the main ways in which I keep my finger on the pulse of what is hot now in low dimensional topology is to write lots and lots of reviews, both for… 743 more words

Knot Theory

Grid Diagrams for knots

Think of a knot as a twisted up loop of string. You can draw this as a picture with a line representing the string and the line breaking when one part of the string goes underneath another. 460 more words


April 30 – 120

KnotPlot. 2 rings, 3 crossings knot. Last knot of the series – I’ll call this one “Asklepios staff” I may need some healing after a month exploring knots!

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April 29 – 119

KnotPlot – Mycenaean knot, or – the mask of Agamemnon. 3 crossings knot.

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April 28 – 118

KnotPlot – The shield of Mehmed. 3 variation of an 8 braids, 8 crossings knot.

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April 27 – 117

KnotPlot – Figure 8 knot. The figure eight knot, also known as the Flemish knot or savoy knot, is the unique prime knot of four crossings 04-001. 22 more words

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