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What is an alternating knot? A tale of two Joshuas.

A few days ago, two people named Joshua (one Howie and one Greene) independently posted to arXiv a similar solution to an old question of Ralph Fox: 337 more words

Knot Theory

Beautiful Knots

Recently I have been looking for more beautiful representations of different mathematical objects. I am more into knots recently and I have found this incredibly beautiful representations made by  168 more words

Mathematical Beauty

Dancing Vortices - Étienne Ghys

University of Oxford Mathematical Institute

“Vortices do amazing things. They dance, they tie themselves in knots, they challenge mathematicians to explain them. In this case Étienne Ghys, CNRS Directeur de Recherche at the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon takes on the task of explaining. 34 more words

A counterexample to the Strong Neuwirth Conjecture

A few days ago, my co-blogger Nathan Dunfield posted a counterexample to the Strong Neuwirth Conjecture.

N. Dunfield, A knot without a nonorientable essential spanning surface, …

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Knot Theory

Dongseok Kim 1968-2015

I’m sad to announce the untimely passing of Dongseok Kim, a specialist on Kuperberg spiders and their generalizations. He was also a really nice guy whose conference talks were always well-worth listening to. 145 more words

Knot Theory

How to Tie Every Tie Knot

Triangle. Over and through. Voila. 

Now you know how to tie a tie.

That wasn’t so hard, was it?


Every tie knot is triangular. Some slant off to one side. 183 more words