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Choose a Button for Streak the Bow Tie

Today I made a new bow tie, which I’ve dubbed Streak. All it lacks is a button – but I can’t decide which one to use. 15 more words


Birthday Bow Ties

You didn’t think I’d forgotten about my fifth work-in-progress for my WIPItGood challenge, did you? I completed three different bow ties of my own design yesterday and gifted them to my Whovian friend for her birthday. 115 more words


Interview with Dedri Uys

Meet Dedri Uys

Dedri Uys is a passionate crochet designer and blogger. She is best known for her Amish puzzle ball designs, which are modular stuffed toys perfect for baby gifts. 359 more words


Meet My Model: Bam Bam

Meet Bam Bam. Somewhere in Arizona, there is a pink stuffed monkey named after her. But that’s a story for another day.

Why the nickname? If you could see a certain picture of her two-year-old self holding a plastic hammer with a mischievous grin on her face, you would know. 153 more words


3 Wacky Inventions I Daydream About

1. Yarn Vending Machines

I’d love to be able to pop in a dollar to a vending machine and receive a 10-gram sample of a new yarn. 67 more words


The Hungry Lizard

I was reading through my notebook of poems today. The one that stood out to me the most was The Hungry Lizard, which I wrote in 2011. 103 more words