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Some More Mathematics Stuff To Read

"Reading the Comics, January 15, 2015: Electric Brains and Klein Bottles Edition" via @nebusj https://t.co/rcuPNL6vvT

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And some more reasy reading, because, why not?

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Secret Santa!

Making gifts is one of my favorite Christmas activities. I love picking yarns and patterns to match the personalities of friends and family. Even though it’s not quite Christmas yet, I’ve already had a chance to give a gift through my robotics team’s secret Santa gift exchange. 276 more words


November Favorites

December is tomorrow. I think I am more excited about this than I was in a long time. November went extremely slow for me, I had so many stressful things going on and I think you could see that by the posts I have put on this blog (not all of them were incredibly mathematical, but more personal) and I think that I just needed more time for myself, but couldn’t find it. 468 more words

Month's Favorite

What is an alternating knot? A tale of two Joshuas.

A few days ago, two people named Joshua (one Howie and one Greene) independently posted to arXiv a similar solution to an old question of Ralph Fox: 337 more words

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