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The Key To a Great Presention: Knowing Your Audience

The success of every speech and presentation is down to answering one simple question:

Who is it for?

How you answer this question will determine the success of your presentation and the key to giving a great presentation is to be able to answer the one question that every audience member wants answered – what’s in it for me? 299 more words

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Who, What, Where, When -- and Why Should I Care?

Know your audience. The first rule of communication, whether it’s newspapers, entertainment, preaching, or whatever. Makes it difficult for me to find an uninteresting news item, because as a journalism major, I know how reporters think. 456 more words


7 Writing Rules: #7 Know Your Audience

The original article said the following about this rule: “Maybe that is good advice, but I have no idea how to follow it.” I couldn’t agree more. 449 more words


How a Marketing Agency Can Improve Your Marketing ROI

Blog post written for a client


Marketing’s role in business is becoming increasingly important because the sales process has changed.

But for many businesses, it’s hard to see the ROI that the in-house marketing team produces.

29 more words
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Convey your Written Message in 6 essential Steps

I recently took a series of marketing courses from the Hadley institute for the Blind and visually impaired, the first of which was entitled, Marketing: Conveying a message. 1,676 more words

Marketing is Not an Add-On Function

I was recently at a marketing event and was asked by a newly minted graduate what I felt was the most important part of marketing. Without hesitation I said psychology. 142 more words

Marketing Strategy

Can You Spot Your Customers?

If you’ve ever been to the coast of Maine, you’ve probably noticed lobster buoys EVERYWHERE! The buoys have different color combinations corresponding to their owner. Each lobster fisherman has his or her own colors painted onto their buoys to make them easy to spot and identify.   256 more words