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7 Tips for Building Your Online Platform

Written by Jassica Atha | March 19, 2015

Authors today are expected to carry more and more weight in marketing and publicity. In the digital age, much of it can be accomplished online, which can be both easier and harder. 421 more words

Pain points

There’s a new kind of salesmanship in town, and I think I like it. When I can find it, that is.

Not long ago, I received an assignment to write about a new company that offers sales training. 615 more words

Daily Dose

speak appropriately to your audience or shut up

yesterday i talked with an old guy in his 80’s who had just seen his doctor about some stuff. i asked him what his dr said and the old guy said some really confusing stuff that didn’t make any sense. 330 more words

Easter eggs

Something popped up on my Facebook feed the other day that I can’t get out of my head, and not in a good way.

XX days till Easter! 546 more words

Daily Dose

#todaysconclusions 10/03/15

When a director at your work says to you “Those jeans look very tight, how do you get into them?”. Don’t reply with “You can start by buying me a drink!”. 55 more words


Are you sure you know your audience!

As a seasoned media producer I have always held the belief that the audience is the all important factor in any production, how did I overlook this fact when I started Blogging. 553 more words


6 Must-Have Tips for a Strong Presentation

Presentations can be very scary and instill fear and anxiety in the hearts of many. Here are some tips to make presenting an easier feat. 513 more words

Preparing For Presentations