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Social Media Marketing that Works!

5 Blog Posts That Explain an Effective Social Media Strategy

While there is a wealth of information available about using social media effectively to nurture business, I found these five blog posts to summarize excellent tips. 273 more words

Synopsis: The Tool You Need (whether you know it or not)

by Chris Mandeville

A synopsis is a document —sometimes a paragraph, sometimes several pages— that describes your book. What could be simpler? As a writer, I know my story better than anyone and thus should have no problem summarizing it. 1,799 more words

The Business Of Writing

How to Write a Speech - Basic

I’m going to assume that if you’re reading this post, you want to improve at public speaking and presenting. This is a topic that scares the heck out of most people, you have to build confidence. 390 more words


25 Questions You Must Ask Before Creating Your Next Presentation

Often when people are asked to deliver a speech or a presentation, they will start their preparation with the question “What do I want to say?” However, this is the completely wrong place to begin because a presentation is never about you and what you want to say. 470 more words

Public Speaking

Glossophobia, Oh No

It ends with “phobia”, so you know it’s bad. Glossophobia is the technical name for speech anxiety and fear of public speaking. Some estimate that it affects as many as 75% of people, making it a more common phobia than fear of snakes, spiders, heights, or even death. 513 more words


Is the U.S. TOO politically correct?

I didn’t mention this when I initially wrote There is Always that One Guy, but eventually, when he had pushed me far enough about the United States having become too politically correct, I had a long winded reply. 744 more words


There is Always That One Guy

Last week (23 July 2015), I had the pleasure of hosting a discussion at the weekly Gathering at Venture Café St. Louis. The discussion, … 743 more words