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6 Must-Have Tips for a Strong Presentation

Presentations can be very scary and instill fear and anxiety in the hearts of many. Here are some tips to make presenting an easier feat. 513 more words

Preparing For Presentations


A friend and I have been trying to figure out this new world order. You know, the one where we enter into interactions, relationships even, and suddenly we find ourselves wondering how we got so far down a path without really knowing the other person. 514 more words

Daily Dose

Music to my ears

I’m not the world’s best parent. Truth be told, I’m not even close. Once in a while, though, I get something right.

With two teenagers and a dog in the house–and me as the antithesis of Suzy Homemaker–the messes and chores never end. 443 more words

Daily Dose

7 Ways You Can Serve Your Audience Better

You have an audience!

Every tiny seed of yourself that you plant in the world affects someone else.

Like meteors screaming through the atmosphere, each of us has the power to leave craters of legacy and influence upon the surfaces of the lives around us.   836 more words

Lessons Learned

Fifty Shades of Earl Grey

I belong to a support group of independent authors whose writing, whether  romance, mystery or thriller, falls roughly in the general category of Cozy. We eschew foul language or gratuitous sex and violence. 250 more words



The emergence of vlogging has sparked a lot of interest in modern media, which makes it highly competitive. It can be difficult to gather a following because so many established vloggers already exist, so it is important for vloggers to develop a niche with unique ideas that will trigger conversations amongst viewers and their friends. 489 more words


The importance of audience

When writing for publication (or just sharing), how often do you consider this question: “Who is my audience? Who is my ideal reader?”

Think about who that person is, whether a friend, or a relative, or a spouse, or a co-worker. 504 more words