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Copyright, Why is it so Important?

In short, copyright is the legal protection of anything you create such as;

  • Any literary works (including computer programs and compilations)
  • Artistic works (such as paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs etc.)
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Know Your Rights: An Introduction to Agape's New Constitutional Amendment Column

Fox Frazier-Foley and Julianna DeMicco discuss the law as literature and the Constitutional Amendments in preparation for Agape’s upcoming series “Know Your Rights.”

Fox Frazier-Foley: Hi! 2,243 more words

Staff Content

Can I be here? Know your rights.

One of the biggest issues that new photojournalists can face is where they are legally allowed to be when taking photographs. When I first started photojournalism, I was always worried about taking a photo of someone being arrested, or of a car crash, any place where I might have to interact with police officers scared me. 205 more words

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Know Your Rights

In advance of this week’s Small Stones interview with a civil rights attorney (coming soon!), we’ve been thinking about how much we, personally, know about our individual rights. 708 more words

Know Your Rights [refresher]

1. Know Your Rights

In any encounter with the police, a Judge will be looking after the fact at whether the police had a right to stop you in the first place. 1,145 more words


Layoff & Reorganization Frequently Asked Questions

Know Your Rights: Layoffs & Reorganizations Frequently Asked Questions

What is a layoff?
Anything management does that results in: losing your job, working in a job class with a lower salary range, a reduction in the work year or or work hours (35.1.A) 212 more words

Know Your Rights