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What To Do If Your Manager Gives You a Write-up

Today, I had a conflict with my manager. She ended up writing me up for “lack of cooperation and teamwork” when I am doing her a favor by staying behind to help my co-work and also cover another co-workers break. 831 more words


The 6 Monthly Telecom Bills You Can Negotiate

Opening and paying the monthly bills is usually something we dread. This is especially true if you feel you’re being gouged by your cable, phone, or wireless provider. 61 more words


First Impressions Count in Custody Cases

First impressions count in custody cases
By Scaringi & Scaringi, P.C.


Perhaps nowhere are first impressions more vital than in child custody cases, at the custody conciliation conference. 747 more words

Know Your Rights By Scaringi & Scaringi Law

Special Needs: How Parents can Ensure their Child's Rights are Protected



Special needs: How parents can ensure their child’s rights are protected
By Scaringi & Scaringi P.C.

Gone are the days when children with special needs were shunted aside to “special education” classrooms, sequestered from the rest of the student body. 772 more words

Know Your Rights By Scaringi & Scaringi Law

Stop Signs

Member Story of the Day – Stop Signs

The following from a parent:

“I’m so excited!!! A few months ago my 17 year old son was driving with 3 of his friends in Central Point, OR and got a traffic ticket for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign. 183 more words


The Surveillance State: What Happened to the 5th Amendment and "Innocent Until Proven Guilty?"

Consider for a moment the implications of a world without the protections afforded under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights…the man in this story does not have to do that, he is living it right now. 508 more words

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Protecting your families rights

REAL RESULTS Member Story of the Day – Protecting Families Rights:

Another Victory for a Family…
“A friend and their spouse had CPS storm in to their house and take their children away on false claims. 125 more words

Family Legal Testimonial