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Let’s not mince words: Beauty and the Beast is a terrible movie

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    You know the story: girl meets boy, girl gets imprisoned by boy, girl and boy slowly grow closer with the help of his enchanted atlas. 1,037 more words


    50 Facts about me

    1. My full name is Natalie Charmaine Cassandra Phyllis Carroll, I think my parents secretly hate me!
    2. I used to be able to speak Welsh fluently, but because I never used it I’ve forgotten most of it.
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    10 things you need to know today | 03/24/17 | Markets Insider

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    Here is what you need to know.

    Trump gives a healthcare ultimatum. President Donald Trump told House Republicans either pass the American Health Care Act on Friday, or Obamacare stays. 352 more words

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    14 apps every modern gentleman should have on his phone

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    Your phone is your life — you use it for everything from your calendar to your Rolodex to your primary email outlet. 865 more words

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    Usain Bolt: On football, partying and being the best

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    KUALA LUMPUR: What do you do when you’re bored and at the top of your game? For the world’s fastest man, it’s giving up the sport that made you a living legend – and finding a new passion. 877 more words

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    London attacks: What we know so far about the victims

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    LONDON (AFP) – Four people were killed in the terror attack outside Britain’s parliament on Wednesday, March 22: a woman picking up her children from school, a man from Utah, the United States, a 75-year-old man, and an unarmed police officer. 693 more words

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    Singapore’s First Ever Female Financial Conference Is Happening In April. We Had A 1-On-1 Chat With The Lady Behind It All

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    Men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

    At least that’s what the title of the popular book written by John Gray suggests. 850 more words

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