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I Am Better.

I believe it is a universal fact that when you let go of what no longer serves you and you begin to change and grow within yourself that you allow for bigger and better things to enter your life — and they walk in with grace and ease (not turmoil). 135 more words

Clare Angelica

10 things you need to know before the opening bell

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Here is what you need to know.

Wednesday’s the one-year anniversary of a chaotic day in the markets. The S&P 500 lost 77.7 points, or 3.9%, and China’s Shanghai Composite crashed more than 8%, less than a week after the People’s Bank of China announced it was devaluing its currency, the yuan. 389 more words

Money Matters

What Does Singapore Need to Do to be Fully Cashless?

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Everybody has that one friend who always uses the excuse that he has “no cash” when the bill arrives, and then promises to pay you back when he finds an ATM machine, which of course, never happens. 855 more words

Money Matters

Team leaders appraise your Pokémon in latest Pokémon Go update

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Team leaders appraise your Pokémon in latest Pokémon Go update

If you’re serious about Pokémon Go, you probably know about the numerous… 153 more words


3 Tricks Singaporeans Should Know To Save Money When Buying Groceries

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There’s a classic joke that goes, “Why are Singaporean noses so large?” and the almost embarrassing answer is “Because air is free.” And the truth is, we Singaporeans should be proud that we’ve given ourselves a reputation for being able to make the most of our often-limited finances. 858 more words

Money Matters

Introducing Company Profiles & Fundraising Support

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When we first started BEAM, our goal was really just to get to know more people, and to form new business relationships.  471 more words


Understanding VCs

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I saw Joe Fernandez‘s tweet a few days ago and thought “he is making an important point.”

too many young entrepreneurs talk about vc’s like they’re heroes and their blog posts are scripture …

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