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7 Facts That Only Beer Fans Know | Tidbits Mag

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Beers are one of the most consumed beverages in the world. In fact, it comes in third place – right after water and tea! 468 more words


Open adoption is important to both sides of the adoption process as well as the child. This quote is from an adoptive family about their adoptive daughter wanting her to understand where her roots are.

Adoptive Family

Warren Buffett made a startling confession that goes against everything you've been led to believe about his investing success

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At last week’s annual Berkshire Hathaway meeting, Warren Buffett made a startling confession.

He spilled the beans on something he has been doing quietly behind the scenes for years. 798 more words

Money Matters

Let Not the Mighty

Let Not the Mighty

In our human nature,  we really don’t have to be much  of anything  to start boasting  about something.     People  of all ranks  will boast  and go through all sorts  of posturing  to try  and fluff up  their self-esteem.     634 more words


The internet wants a Spotify ‘tip jar’

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The idea of paying artists directly, “what you want,” in exchange for their music, isn’t a new concept on the internet.

Some artists have done it have done it through their own websites, Kickstarter, or more commonly, Bandcamp. 401 more words


These 8 charts reveal the mind-boggling scale of NASA's giant new rocket

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In February, NASA announced the first mission it will be launching aboard its monster rocket, called the Space Launch System

In 2018, NASA will send 13 shoe-box sized satellites, called CubeSats, to study, for example, different aspects of… 121 more words