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Agile Text Animation with Velocity.js

See keywords and phrases related to the art of Topic Modeling in this self-running demo.  You can access the code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) on my Codepen account. 13 more words

Insights from "The Master Algorithm" - Part 1

I am on my second reading of this insightful and information-packed book by Pedro Domingos.  He masterfully outlines the history of the five “tribes” of Machine Learning (ML), how they have evolved, and where they stand in today’s world. 312 more words


Implementing Fuzzy Sets in SQL Server, Part 1: Membership Functions and the Fuzzy Taxonomy

By Steve Bolton

…………In the first installment of this amateur self-tutorial series on applying fuzzy set theory to SQL Server databases, I discussed how neatly it dovetails with Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) principles and user stories. 6,428 more words

SQL Server

Implementing Fuzzy Sets in SQL Server, Part 0: The Buzz About Fuzz

By Steve Bolton

…………I originally planned to post a long-delayed series titled Information Measurement with SQL Server next, in which I’d like to cover scores of different metrics for quantifying the data our databases hold –  such as how random, chaotic or ordered it might be, or how much information it might provide. 2,972 more words

SQL Server

Goodness-of-Fit Testing with SQL Server Part 7.4: The Cramér–von Mises Criterion

By Steve Bolton

…………This last installment of this series of amateur tutorials features a goodness-of-fit metric that is closely related to the Anderson-Darling Test discussed in the last post… 2,641 more words

SQL Server

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

One problem of healthcare is the collecting and restoring the date they’ve gathered. Data mining, a step in the process of Knowledge Discovery in Databases, is a method of unearthing information from large data sets. 259 more words

NURSING INFORMATICS: Administrative Application

Tutorial: Medical Mining

PAKDD 2016 – Medical Mining Tutorial

PAKDD 2016 Tutorial on “Medical Mining”

By: Myra Spiliopoulou, Pedro Pereira Rodrigues, Ernestina Menasalvas