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Refining "Data Science"

Regular readers will know that I have been thinking about the constellation of ideas that are getting a lot of play in universities and the research community around words like “data science”, and ‘big data”,  and especially the intersection of these ideas with the other constellation of “data mining”, “knowledge discovery” and “machine learning”. 482 more words

Integrating Other Data Mining Tools with SQL Server, Part 2.1: The Minuscule Hassles of Minitab

By Steve Bolton

…………It may be called Minitab, but SQL Server users can derive maximum benefits from the Windows version of this professional data mining and statistics tool – provided that they use it for tasks that SQL Server doesn’t do natively. 4,524 more words

SQL Server

Tutorial: Medical Mining

ACM SIGKDD 2015 – Medical Mining Tutorial

ACM SIGKDD 2015 Tutorial on “Medical Mining”

By: Myra Spiliopoulou, Pedro Pereira Rodrigues, Ernestina Menasalvas


Integrating Other Data Mining Tools with SQL Server, Part 1.2: Finding Use Cases for WEKA

By Steve Bolton

…………As recounted in the first installment of this occasional series of amateur self-tutorials, there are some serious limitations to using Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis (WEKA), a popular open source data mining tool, in a SQL Server environment. 4,552 more words

SQL Server

Outlier Detection with SQL Server, part 6.3: Visual Outlier Detection with Reporting Services Plots and SSDM Clustering

By Steve Bolton

…………When the goal is to illustrate how just how outlying an outlier may be, the efficiency with which scatter plots represent distances really can’t be beaten. 3,098 more words

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Why Data Science?

Data Science has become a hot topic lately. As usual, there’s not a lot of agreement about what data science actually is. I was on a panel last week, and someone asked afterwards what the difference was between data mining, which we’ve been doing for 15 years, and data science. 166 more words