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Implementing Fuzzy Sets in SQL Server, Part 4: From Fuzzy Unions to Fuzzy Logic

By Steve Bolton

…………Fuzzy set relations carry an added layer of complexity not seen in ordinary “crisp” sets, due to the need to derive new grades for membership in the resultset from the scores in the original sets. 4,044 more words

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Open Data Society

Substantial social and economic gains can be made from opening government data to the public. The combination of geographic, budget, demographic, services, education, and other data, publicly available in an open format on the web, promises to improve services as well as create future economic growth.  96 more words

Informational Democracy

A democratic society where information technology refuels civilian power.

No government, no state, now is immune to information; no state or government can adequately police or control information borders. 263 more words

Business Intelligence for governance

The application of knowledge discovery processes for global governance.

Technical and political challenge: Data clusters connectivity and integration on a global scale will rely on a multilateral agreement and cooperation, which is strongly dependent on cultural tolerance and political will. 154 more words

Implementing Fuzzy Sets in SQL Server, Part 3: Using Fuzzy Intersections as AND Statements

By Steve Bolton

…………Whenever we assign set membership grades to records on a continuous scale, we open up a whole new world of possibilities for measuring uncertainty and modeling different types of imprecision. 3,178 more words

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Implementing Fuzzy Sets in SQL Server, Part 2: Measuring Imprecision with Fuzzy Complements

By Steve Bolton

…………Taking the dive into fuzzy sets immediately elicits the obvious question: just how fuzzy is the data we’re operating on? As discussed in the first two installment of this amateur series of self-tutorials, the raison d’etre of fuzzy set theory is to model imprecise data that is typically expressible in nebulous terms in everyday speech; it addresses a class of data that is represented in ordinals (i.e. 2,684 more words

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Agile Text Animation with Velocity.js

See keywords and phrases related to the art of Topic Modeling in this self-running demo.  You can access the code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) on my Codepen account. 13 more words