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Meet The Egg That Will End Your Need For Laundry Detergent

A friend turned me onto this about 4 months ago, a replacement product for laundry detergent. It seems crazy to replace laundry detergent with a plastic ball, but it works. 86 more words


The Change Begins With Knowledge (5.20.18)

The late Tupac once said, “Some say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice; I say the darker the flesh, then the deeper the roots.” Yes, I am envisioning you nodding your head to the beat of this song playing in your head. 548 more words

Since Knowledge Is Power, Why Would Anyone, Including Ontario Candidate Doug Ford, Want To Take It Away From Children?

While listening to radio chatter the other day about the upcoming provincial election, the one thing that grabbed my attention was Doug Ford’s comment he would eradicate the new sex education curriculum installed by Liberal Kathleen Wynne. 482 more words

You don't need motivation to make a change, here's why!

Do you struggle with motivation? Good.

Why do I say this? Because motivation alone to make a change in your life is not going to cut it. 374 more words

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“Ax” Instead of “Ask” Has Been Proper English For Over 1,200 Years And Exposes The Absurdity Of Prejudice

The “Ask” VS “Ax” divide is laden with class and racial division and has been used to deny people, both white and black, access to better jobs and resources based on a perception of low intelligence.

201 more words

High Paying & High Powered: The Careers You Can't Afford To Dismiss

There is a lot of conflicting advice out there about how to pick the perfect career after college, with many experts emphasizing how vital it is to do what you love. 559 more words


A balanced diet isn't as simple as calories in vs. calories out, here's why.

I have talked with patients who claim they have tried everything to lose weight. They tell me their metabolism is broken and now it seems impossible for them to lose weight no matter what they do and state they have come close to deciding to give up and just accept it. 1,089 more words

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