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Diabetes Awareness Week, Day 25

The fallacy of carb-free turkey?

I’ve been reading a lot lately about how there may not be such a thing as carb-free turkey or steak. Basically, if you are going to eat a large portion of something that is high in fat, it will eventually metabolize as glucose. 168 more words

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Spices 101: What is Cardamom?

Recently a ton of supermarkets closed down in the northeast, especially here on Long Island, resulting from their blanket corporation of A&P going out of business. 760 more words

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Diabetes Awareness Month, Day 22

Today I’m going to re-post one of my old posts again. This one is all about pumping.  If you’ve been wondering about insulin pumps, what they do, what they don’t do, what V’s pump looks like, and how it works, this post is for you. 56 more words

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Diabetes Awareness Week, Day 21

A while ago I submitted a few of our diabetes life hacks to DiabetesMine Patient Voices contest. While I did not win the contest to attend the Innovations Summit that is happening this weekend (boo! 43 more words


Diabetes Awareness Month, Day 17

This is our life. I’ve seen this brief narrative film several times but it still reduces me to tears. It’s worth your 18 minutes, trust me. 13 more words

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The Second-Guessing Nature of Africans

I once had this conversation with an Australian friend of mine. It was after I’d met the Australian founder of a company whose South African division was a client of ours. 425 more words