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The sexiest, sassiest account on all of Pinterest

Oh My God. I am on Pinterest. Thrilled to be there. I have one follower. Myself. Through my old account. I even gave my old Pinterest self access to add new pins to one of my new boards. 787 more words

Knowledge Is Power

Contribute To Society. And No, We Don’t Mean Charity or Volunteer Work

There’s something that is cheaper than gold, or even free, yet way more valuable. And that something is Knowledge.
Information is infinite. Information is free.
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The Real Voice of Darth Vader Was Hilarious!

What I am about to reveal may come as a shock. But the original voice of Darth Vader was all too tender to be usable in the final version of the movie. 143 more words

Knowledge Is Power

My mother was single during my whole childhood. Born back in 1947 and has, as a matter of fact, never lived with a man.

During her early years she graduated as a graphic designer; became a successful stage actress, bought a small apartment for her own money, furnished and redecorated our own little home, then cashed out for an old SKODA that broke down on a regular basis.

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The Prevalent and The Occult:Two Words Too Cultural Distorted

For starters
the word Prevalent means Common
while the word Occult means Hidden.
Even the Bible mentions that God hides stuff to be found.
So the word Occult is not so evil after all. 100 more words

Culture Distorts So Much

Get Smart

In this time of unprecedented access to information, one thing is clear: education is key. But I believe it always has been. It’s what opens doors for us, and what shows us new ideas that shapes our lives. 775 more words