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My Advice

My advice in any health and exercise quest is to listen to your own body, but first make sure you get cleared by a doctor and then get specific information from a professional on your personal health and fitness needs.   1,122 more words


Quilt Myth #2: Quilts Helped African-American Slaves Escape

Let’s start with the punchline: NO. Or at least, NO, there is NO evidence that this is true.

The myth is that quilts were used in an “ 634 more words


“Knowledge is power, data is money”

Amazon Knows Us a Little Too Well

With how fast technology is advancing it isn’t surprising that companies know everything about us. From our buying habits to what were looking to purchase in the future. 495 more words

Quilt Myth #1: Quilts Originated from Necessity

There are a number of pervasive myths in quilting, some of them so ingrained that even long-time quilters believe them. It’s time to take on a few of these to set the record straight! 710 more words


Half Square Triangle Quilting Tutorial

Welcome to the first tutorial of my new blog. I figured I would start off slow and with something I know like the back of my hand. 269 more words

Canine Influenza—Knowledge is Power!

We’ve all heard it said that “Knowledge is Power”. In light of the Canine Influenza outbreak in some parts of the United States, I wholeheartedly agree, and it’s time to fight back! 727 more words

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Just Breathe (less)!

Nowadays most people are running around from one task to the next. We can barely find time to cook and enjoy a proper meal let alone find time to… 988 more words

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