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The Art of Letting Go

Aloha!  I was cleaning out my computer today (a process that will no doubt take longer than today), and I stumbled upon a blog entry I wrote back in July of this year.   885 more words


Ignorance Should Not be Your Bliss

Good morning beautiful people, thanks for taking the time to read this :)

As I have previously mentioned, my boyfriend and I hold a huge significance to being diverse, skilled, knowledgable, and worldly. 1,327 more words

AKA barnes

Barnes and Noble. Books. Knowledge is power.

Simba Photographs

On having no idea what's going on...

So here’s the thing… We’re all busy. We all have a lot of irons in the fire. We all have requirements competing for the limited amount of attention that we can provide. 248 more words



ok, so i guess not EVERY day. it’s hard to keep up with this thing! for anyone out there paying attention, thanks for hanging in there, and i hope you had a good thanksgiving holiday relatively free from drama! 116 more words


Let's Learn About Yoga! (Part 1)

Being that this is a blog about my experiments for cultivating more bliss in my life, I feel like it’s high time I do some posting about one of the experiments that has been consistently paying off for me:  Yoga! 1,608 more words


Campus Citizen, Digital Citizen

The current Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) at my campus is only that of the school district’s general policy. It is not thorough or scaffolded properly for practical application at my school. 287 more words

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