Highlight the heroes of the Service Desk!

Create and highlight heroes and motivated employees in the service desk by implementing elements of Gamification in the creation and maintenance of a qualitative Knowledge base as a part of improving the support delivery. 231 more words

Web-based Self-service

Why not KCS (Knowledge Centered Support)?

Keeping information current is a challenge, and keeping knowledge social is reality. The future is here for the knowledge solutions that capture knowledge at the time of the issue. 724 more words

Support Tools

Journal - Knowledge Management and Innovation

Critical Success Factors of Knowledge Management,
Innovation and Organisational Performance: An Empirical Study of the Iraqi Mobile Telecommunication Sector

British Journal of Economics, Finance and Management Sciences 39
 November, Vol. 927 more words
Knowledge Management

The Popping of the Talent Bubble

After tulip bulbs, Florida real estate, the tech boom in the early part of the 20th century, and, most recently, the housing market crash, the next bubble might very well be one of talent. 731 more words

Knowledge Management

A glimpse at OneNote ... | Coup d'œil à OneNote ...

When I changed job, back in July last year, the laptop I was given was operating under Windows© 7. Changing OS environment was dramatic enough (from XP) and from Office© 2003 to the 2010 version, I had not immediately noticed the supplementary application that came along in the package : OneNote©. 834 more words


Does Your Company Know What It Knows? How Knowledge Management Can Change Your Business

Knowledge is power. In today’s information age, technology is a part of everything that we do, and management of the exponential growth of knowledge resulting from technological innovation is even more vital to an organization’s success. 1,100 more words


Don Tapscott: The Continually Evolving Digital Economy

One of my favorite thought leaders, Don Tapscott has a short video of a vision for our digital future.