Evaluating Customer Service Products

Framework-based, In-depth Product Evaluation Reports

We recently published our Product Evaluation Report on Desk.com, Salesforce’s customer service offering for small and mid-sized businesses. “Desk” is a very attractive offering with broad and deep capabilities. 1,234 more words

Customer Service

The Helpdesks: Desk.com, Freshdesk, Zendesk

We’ve added our Product Evaluation Report on Freshdesk to our library of in-depth, framework-based reports on customer service software. We put this report on the shelf, so to speak, next to our Product Evaluation Reports on Desk.com and Zendesk. 847 more words

Customer Service

Delegating well as a learned skill

Delegation isn’t an innate skill for me. It’s hard for me to put aside feelings that it shows weakness, or that it’s a sign that I can’t *handle things.*  To complicate it further, I tend to feel that *I* am the one who can do it correctly, or as time has shown more and more often, that it’s the only way to get it done to my specifications. 217 more words

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