3 ways of successfully making customer service everyone’s job

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In today’s ultra-competitive markets, successful businesses understand that customer service is everyone’s job. 566 more words

Customer Service

The relevance of Mission – Critical Knowledge in the age of Big Data

A couple of months back, I was attending a social function where I was asked the ‘inevitable question’, so what do you do? I didn’t want to repeat the cliché ‘I facilitate knowledge sharing in an organisation’ and thought of saying something different and at that time thought ‘clever’. 607 more words

Knowledge Management

Turns Out You CAN Know Too Much

Companies have begun to appreciate the potential value of the accumulated collective knowledge of their workforce…and it is scaring them. 286 more words

Knowledge Management

Highlight the heroes of the Service Desk!

Create and highlight heroes and motivated employees in the service desk by implementing elements of Gamification in the creation and maintenance of a qualitative Knowledge base as a part of improving the support delivery. 231 more words

Web-based Self-service

Why not KCS (Knowledge Centered Support)?

Keeping information current is a challenge, and keeping knowledge social is reality. The future is here for the knowledge solutions that capture knowledge at the time of the issue. 724 more words

Support Tools

Journal - Knowledge Management and Innovation

Critical Success Factors of Knowledge Management,
Innovation and Organisational Performance: An Empirical Study of the Iraqi Mobile Telecommunication Sector

British Journal of Economics, Finance and Management Sciences 39
 November, Vol. 927 more words
Knowledge Management

The Popping of the Talent Bubble

After tulip bulbs, Florida real estate, the tech boom in the early part of the 20th century, and, most recently, the housing market crash, the next bubble might very well be one of talent. 731 more words

Knowledge Management