How to motivate your employees to use their new Knowledge Tool

Your organization has spent many hours researching, selecting, and launching a great new technology. A cloud based knowledge solution will revolutionize the way your organization brings company knowledge together. 1,038 more words

Implementation & Administration

How do you evaluate employees without rating them?

More and more companies are moving away from the traditional ratings-based performance model in their organization. It makes sense to focus more on goals than activities. 409 more words


Are you encouraging your employees to share their knowledge?

In the past companies suffered because employees were sitting on knowledge and not sharing it with their colleagues. The end result has been that employees were not working effectively since they have had trouble accessing critical organizational knowledge. 570 more words


How can support organizations work effectively with knowledge?

Many support organizations have started to align their support model with Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) as their methodology for working effectively with knowledge. In this article we reply to the most commonly asked questions related to KCS and how support organizations can work effectively with knowledge. 576 more words


Knowledge Management tools

Business management software like ERP and CRM are management information systems which are very useful for companies, but there are much more knowledge management tools 260 more words

XXI Management

What is knowledge management?

Knowledge management is the art of creating value from an organization’s intangible assets. 62 more words

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