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The DRY Principle and Information


In software development, DRY stands for Don’t Repeat Yourself. Conventionally this principle gets implemented by frameworks like ASP.NET MVC and Ruby on Rails by having a single source for column/field names, either the database or a class. 318 more words


Knowledge Representation in the Age of Deep Learning, Watson, and the Semantic Web

@tachyeonz : Upcoming SlideShare Loading in …5 × Knowledge Representation in the Age of Deep Learning, Watson, and the Semantic Web 1.

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Every Diagram Has its Use, Here is an Overview of Software Development Diagrams

I have gone and looked at the various software development diagrams available on Wikipedia. I have focused on the graphs (nodes and connections). The natural level for graphs is level 4 (knowledge representation and ontologies). 406 more words

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Ecological representations: a reply to Golonka and Wilson

This is going to be a very unusual post, it’s an ad-hoc effort, responding directly to Sabrina Golonka and Andrew D Wilson‘s call for feedback: they have recently published a pre-print on bioRxiv, entitled “ 4,555 more words


Getting a Computer to Understand More Than Words

Somewhere between words and sentences is multi-word terms. Endemes can be used to define words in a way a computer can understand. Multi-word terms is the next step up from using endemes to define words: 16 more words


Night Science

I have failed miserably in one of my unstated underlying objectives in creating this website. I wanted to tame my counter-productive way of thinking and acting towards my objectives. 2,603 more words

Art Of Memory

A Holon's Topology, Morphology, and Dynamics (2a)

A Holon’s Topology, Morphology, and Dynamics (2a)

This is the second video of a large series and the very first video in a mini-series about holons. 84 more words

Mathesis Universalis