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How some common mistakes spoil a Guitar Lerner

You have just bought a guitar and excited about it. Do you know some common mistakes which normally we all do while learning guitar? This article is an eye opener to all those who wants to learn guitar and make music as a profession. 1,073 more words


How tough to play musical instrument after a certain age

Are you feeling awkward to learn to play a musical instrument at matured age? Do you think only young can learn it? Have you lost all your hope to play a musical instrument? 1,048 more words


Which to buy for a kid Piano or Keyboard

You want to buy a musical instrument for your kid and you are confused which to buy comparing between Piano and Keyboard? Do you want to know the main differences between a piano and a keyboard? 979 more words


Moving to another country: get ready to be surprised – Part 1

by Nataliya Semenova

I never had a plan to change my country of living. But when an interesting job opportunity came up, I felt that I would certainly regret it if I didn’t give it a try. 799 more words


CAP Theorem@Codemotion 2016, Milan

I just come back from Codemotion Milan, and it was great! Apparently a lot of people liked my presentation, someone told me that they really understood, for the first time, the… 78 more words


What my childhood in farming taught me about writing and public speaking

A few months ago, I read a book summary of Speaking More Effectively by Dale Carnegie. This summary focused on a quick and easy way for writing or public speaking ( 1,637 more words


What's Next?

by Carmen Peeren

During my studies in Business Administration, I started an internship in Human Resources at the head office of a large international company. Once graduated, I was offered my first job at this same company whereby I entered the field of Compensation & Benefits. 470 more words