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Is this the best knowledge-sharing game ever?

This is a legacy blog from 2014 that has gained a lot of on LinkedIn over the last two weeks. With that in mind, I thought it time to bring it back to my main site – I hope you find it useful. 354 more words


Sharing life's experiences 

*The examples in the blog below is in relation to female experiences. However, the concept and benefits of sharing should apply equally to men*

In the world we live in today, sharing knowledge or encouragement could often been seen as helping the competition of helping someone else become better than you are. 1,409 more words


Strategies of Knowledge Transfer in HRM

Harus diakui bahwa kecenderungan dari sebagian besar karyawan tidak mau melakukan Knowledge Sharing & Transfer kepada rekan sekerja atau bawahannya di dalam perusahaan, alasannya sederhana saja agar tidak tersaingi atau lebih ekstremnya agar tidak tersingkirkan. 265 more words


मोदी सरकार के दो साल! कहां हैं अच्छे दिन!

मोदी सरकार के दो साल पूरे होते ही हर मिडिया द्वारा एक मात्र यही प्रश्न उछाला जा रहा हैं कि कहाँ हैं अच्छे दिन जिसका मोदी सरकार ने वादा किया था। …


How do you best reward knowledge sharing or learning behaviours? Be random!

How do you best reward knowledge sharing or rapid learning behaviours? Be random!

How do organisations create positive ‘compulsive’ behaviours? The type of behaviours that allow the organisational community to better sense their environment, anticipate needs, innovate and do this more quickly? 476 more words


Conversation - a mini e-book

I talk endlessly about the importance of networks and conversation for efficient knowledge sharing within organisations, and I’ve written before about RCTs and serendipitous conversations. 79 more words

Training And Learning

Educate your sales force in 15 minute increments daily

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In fast moving markets your sales force live their professional life, and parts of their private, in the fast lane. 926 more words

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