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Social Media Revolution Comes to Agriculture in Uganda

When you see a good thing, the best you can do is share with the rest of the world. I am proud to have a front side seat to bear witness of this revolution coming to agriculture in Uganda through leveraging the power of social media. 178 more words


Sharing Makes Us Happier

Saya sangat senang berbagi dengan orang lain, terutama berbagi pengetahuan dan informasi. Sementara sebagian orang menjaga pengetahuan hanya untuk dirinya sendiri karena itu adalah “kuncian” mereka (yang artinya ilmu tersebut adalah kunci skill mereka yang jangan sampai ditemukan oleh orang lain), saya justru memberikan semua skill dan pengetahuan yang saya miliki kepada orang lain. 504 more words

Tools for Remote Sharing

At Provide, we had a chat about the tools and routines we use to assist our remote work. There were some great suggestions, so we’d like to share them here! 96 more words

For Workers

Building Safe Communities for People with Disabilities

Our right to be safe is the name of the workshop for service providers that Fran Odette researcher/consultant and Doris Rajan senior researcher/consultant of IRIS gave on issues… 75 more words


Knowledge sharing

Knowledge Sharing is an activity through which knowledge is exchanged among people, friends, families, communities or organizations.


Stuck in the middle

After reading Richard’s post, which I thought was brilliant, I wondered if collaboration with blogs, wikis and other social media tools were not entirely good within organisations. 347 more words


End of Year Learning Guidance

Title of driver: End of Year Learning Guidance

Source: NHS Improving Quality

Link to main document http://www.nhsiq.nhs.uk/capacity-capability/knowledge-and-intelligence/iq-handbooks/learning-handbook/end-of-year-learning-guidance.aspx

Publication format: Interactive Prezi slideshow with hyperlinks to supporting documentation. 446 more words