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With great power comes great responsibility.
Uncle Ben, Spider-Man

It’s more or less a truism in the workplace that “knowledge is power.” Knowledge can take many forms, depending on the nature of the work, from hands-on skills to institutional knowledge to having a list of contacts of people who can get things done.

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Storytelling For Problem Solving & Better Decision Making

I have just been confirmed as speaker and seminar facilitator at the next NETIKX event in London on Tuesday afternoon 22nd March 2016. My challenge for the day is to demonstrate just what Participatory Narrative Inquiry methods can bring to resolving issues and problems and improving decision making. 58 more words

Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge Transfer

Argote and Ingram¹ wrote a stellar article that helped introduce me to what knowledge transfer was all about. They wrote this article with the intention of arguing that “creation and transfer of knowledge in organizations provide a basis for competitive advantage in firms” (pg. 1,027 more words

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3 steps to more knowledge sharing in your law firm?

A PSL friend of mine says she most enjoys the practical posts that I write, so here is a practical 3-step guide to improving the knowledge sharing in your firm (without breaking the bank). 845 more words


Advance Australian Film: New strategies required to reinvigorate local film industry

In an article written by Barry Jones and published in The Age, September 7 1976, the Australian film industry was criticised for producing boring, timid and self-indulgent films about pessimistic, downtrodden characters. 1,473 more words

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What I learn today about Sweden, Stockholm, and KTH today

As I really hope to be able to go to Sweden one day while taking my master degree in KTH, I gather some informations about Sweden, Stockholm, KTH, and how muslim people live in Sweden. 718 more words

Knowledge Sharing

An Overview of English Verb Tenses

After taking a long break from learning English, I would like to make a review about English Verb Tenses. I make this as simple as possible. 1,024 more words

Knowledge Sharing