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Who am I ??

We are born without an identity.. without an “I”… all would agree…

On the way…we pick up a name….pick up knowledge and degrees…pick up a profession… and a partner en-route…To sum it all up we pick up an “I”… an identity… and try to nurture this throughout… 68 more words


Alchemists Cannot Win

The alchemists dilemma is an ancient opportunity/consequence issue.  It demonstrates the value of the question “What then?”

Alchemy was a popular research subject in the middle ages and later.  360 more words

Don Shaughnessy

Foucault: Power/Knowledge Production

‘We must cease once and for all to describe the effects of power in negative terms: it ‘excludes’, it ‘represses’, it ‘censors’, it ‘abstracts’, it ‘masks’, it ‘conceals’. 37 more words

Charles Spurgeon's Letters-Letter 40

WESTWOOD, October 18, 1890.


We have a stiff week before us. Monday, at 3.o, laying stone. Tuesday, at Malden, at 11.0. Wednesday, funeral at Tabernacle, at 2.0. 54 more words


The Light

Darkness is nothing but the absence of light. As soon as there is light, darkness no longer exists. You cannot create darkness, but when you take away light then darkness appears. 101 more words

The essence of love

The essences of love is sacrifice/compromise, all is done with the hope of equivalent exchange. They believe because of sacrifice you don’t love yourself, they believe one shouldn’t compromise, those people fear the pain. 98 more words


12 Angry Men and an Angry World

By Riti Das Dhankar

For a three-day course titled, “Foundations of Education in Epistemology and Curriculum,” we were given a small task to be completed before coming for the classes. 755 more words