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Master of Project Management. Personal experience and lessons learnt.

My innate curiosity drives me to getting information anytime, anywhere in any forms. You perceive, you analyse, you form the knowledge. Yes, knowledge is my passion and I call myself the “knowledge enthusiast”. 965 more words

Project Management

We Should Stop Blaming Marriage for Our Problems

“I’m never getting married! Everybody who does just ends up miserable!”

Sometimes you’ll hear people call marriage a contrived social or religious construct that goes against our human “instincts” to pursue hedonism and carnal depravity. 1,726 more words


Scientia est potentia, or how sometimes knowing more can make one want to not know anymore

Scientia est Potentia is probably one of my all-time favourites. Literally meaning Knowledge is Power. It is anything but without meaning as usually, the more you know, the better equipped you are with respect to many things. 559 more words

The Final Chapter (Mauritius)

Stellar Tango

Stellar Tango


To take a full breath of life

And accept this harmonious fragrance

Which fills the horizon like an ever-ending dream

– This dream of life as it is and nothing more and nothing less… 80 more words


They Know You

            On last week, our apartment complex had to work on the building’s AC units, which led to them turning the systems off. With the temperature reading at mid and high 70’s, our days and nights were pretty hot. 443 more words