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Two years ago today I made this post on Facebook. I feel it’s still very much relevant now, so why not make it my starter blog… lol… 195 more words


Jane Austen Time

Timeless truths from JaneĀ 

Mark Waldeland sent the following trio of Jane Austen reviews…….now becoming public again in recognition of Ms. Austen’s passing two hundred years ago. 50 more words



Well, i am here, will try to keep it short and concise


Roughly my background 1

Well I am a older sibling of 2, I was brought up in a typical household with a mother and a father, and of course my little sister and pets, sounds perfect !! 476 more words

A library for historians...

The Early English Barn & The Kent Oasthouse

by Charles A. Mcardell

“When considering the medieval tithe barn or the monastic grange barn the grandeur of the structure, their sheer age and size, quality of the stonework, the intricacy of the timber framing, bulk of the posts and beams, complexity of roof joints, trusses, braces, rafters, collars and purlins clearly set them apart from other farm buildings… the structures are a monument to the skill of the carpenter and the mason and have stood the test of time”

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Chance meeting or valuable meaning?

People come in and out of our lives over the course of our journey. In some instances only once, while others reappear over and over again. 438 more words


What Is IQ?

IQ doesn’t measure overarching intelligence, it measures how well the underlying subsystems can perform certain low level tasks. Having good neurological machinery (in the readily testable functional areas) does not mean the state of the overall system is such that they’re coordinated, communicate, and ultimately used properly. 504 more words

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