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The Thinking Space and Eternal Possibilities

The thinking space is becoming smaller and the mind feels claustrophobic. Space is getting crammed with delusional ideologies and events whose origins are doubtful. An offshoot of such philosophies and theories are influencing the mind in a negative way, creating immense displeasure to the mind and soul. 677 more words


10x10 Legendary or Foolish?

Morning Guys,

I had a short conversation about 10 Set Training with a devilishly handsome young man today. He wanted to know how he could apply it to his training in the future once he had finished his current block. 1,168 more words


Economy for beginners

Some of the economic terminology-

Arbitration- A method for solving disputes, generally of an industrial nature, between the employer and his employees.

Annuity– A fixed amount paid once a year or at interval of stipulated period. 528 more words


Charles Spurgeon's Letters-Letter 51



I am pained indeed to learn, from T____’s kind note, that you are still in so sad a condition! Oh, may the ever-merciful God be pleased to give you ease! 423 more words


Worth taking the time to watch

So I talk to people a lot about my diet, the short of it is: I eat predominately paleo, high fat low carb. I’ll do a video blog soon on my dietary choices and why I make them but I really wanted to share this video. 97 more words