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Wikipedia Poem, No. 324

detonate the alternative
off with the same
time that must be drunk

one who prays to kant
introduced into creation
knowledge must be drunk

one who wishes to be regarded as the basis… 132 more words


The same shell that LAYERS and PROTECTS a peanut will LIMIT its POTENTIAL to be more. Don’t be afraid to… #BreakOutOfYourShell
– M. Goodman –


Words with meaning #1

´╗┐Petrichor´╗┐ (n.) – the smell of earth after rain.

Reflection: The sense of smell is highly connected with memories, and for someone that grew on the countryside petrichor is filled of good ones

6 Reasons YOU Should Vote Nov. 8th!

The 2016 Presidential Election is right around the corner! With just 13 days left until you should exercise your right to vote and head to the polls. 13 more words

Knowledge Is Power - Route2Roots & Akala Review

It begins. Route2Roots take to the stage with effortless swagger, the reason for which becomes apparent with the strum of the first chord. This is a group that serves up something seriously lacking in live hip hop: pure unadulterated music. 862 more words


Wellness Wednesday: Witches Brew, A Look Into Bone Broth

Bone broth-the name alone reminds me of a creepy nursery story I read when I was little. Which makes the topic of bone broth perfect for this Halloween-inspired week of posts. 572 more words


The Hierarchy of Awareness and Ignorance

The Awakened Ones

The “Awakened Ones” are frustrated by the ignorance of the “Asleep Ones”. The sleepers call the awakened ones crazy, nuts, fear mongers and conspiracy freaks. 316 more words