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Inside trace

Of feature face

The structure

Shape you are

Becoming make

From deep within

Without beginning swim

Until you reach the farther

Shore where there… 23 more words

Seeding diversity

One of the most fascinating things someone who owns a garden, tends to a plant or a tree, will recognize and appreciate is the power of a seed. 211 more words

LaTeX for Wordpress dot com

After four years of blogging with WordPress, I just learned that LaTeX is supported by WordPress dot com too! LaTeX (and MathJax, a similar service) are both excellent. 236 more words


Top one percent perception vs reality 

I have been aware of the top 1% for since the great recession on the 2007. I wanted to know what caused it.

The wealth of the USA and the rest of the world concentrated to a very few is not understood by the majority of the world.

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An evil task

I love learning. I love gaining new insights, new understanding. In a certain way, I suppose much of my life is a search for truth (though that makes it sound grander than it is). 110 more words


Stand Firm In Your Knowledge

Stand firm in the knowledge that you are powerful, you are valuable, and you are needed. Your experiences in life have the ability to help others heal when you share them. 41 more words


Playing Games at the Dojo?

When I was a brand new (adult) student at the dojo, I was surprised to learn that the kids played games. As a beginning student and parent I wanted to know “what was the point of all the games?”  We have a fun Sensei and the kids really enjoyed the games. 674 more words