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What Use Is Knowledge?

“Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven” ~ William Shakespeare

I was having a conversation over coffee regarding the lack of relative and informed news in the MSM, and was hit with a quote from an “enlighted” New-Ager. 671 more words


To Give to His People the Knowledge of Salvation

To Give  to His People  the Knowledge  of Salvation

When Zacharias,  the father  of John the Baptist,  was filled  with the Holy Spirit  and prophesied  about his son,  he said  in… 493 more words


The Buddha taught that samsara-the way we ordinarily live-follows the laws of cause and effect, and that until we understand those laws, we have no possibility for making a radical break with the patterns of suffering we have constructed.

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Quote of the day 

Quote: Whoever does not love knowledge, then there is no good in him; So there should not be any acquaintence between you and him, and nor any friendship.
Scholar: Imam Malik ibn Anas