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Vanity and predatory academic publishers are corrupting the pursuit of knowledge

Michael J. I. Brown, Monash University

Radio National’s Background Briefing recently presented a grim academic tale of identity theft, shambolic conferences, exploitation, sham peer review and pseudoscience. 1,007 more words


A Capital Idea

Last night my youngest daughter flew to Canberra as part of a school excursion.  It appears to be a right of passage for most twelve year olds in this region to visit the nations capital in their last year of primary school. 258 more words


Harmonising Colour for Image Impact.

Did you read that headline and think ‘Huh’? If so then you should probably read on! Harmonised colour, or HC as I’ll call it from here on in, is one of those little things that mostly you don’t get taught but, when you are aware of it, can make a huge difference to the look of your work.Harmonised colour is a term I’ve made up for this, it may well be called something else by ‘people in the know’ and if it is, well, I maybe need to know! 614 more words

An Ordinary Girl


She stood in one corner –shivering. Her blouse was missing; her soiled undergarment lay near her feet.
“There she is!”, the teacher pointed to her near-naked figure. 2,068 more words


Create Custom List in SharePoint (Part 2 - Using Visual Studio)

Other way to create a custom list in a SharePoint would by using Visual Studio.

The steps are as follow :

1. Open your Visual Studio. 361 more words


The Crop Top

I did not know this but Madonna was actually the one to introduce the crop to the Western culture. She appeared in her “Luck Star” music video in a crop top and ever since then the crop top has been coming and going as a fashion trend. 42 more words