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A Vision

Conjure the Spirits of deep firmament

Eternal immensity can be daunting for the mortals

Only pure vision of the soul can look through 

Rejuvenate the depleted forces and shine again… 34 more words


Clarinda Lied Public Library, Part 5

“It’s really just providing the tools for people to learn with, you know? We provide books that have information and knowledge in them, but we’re not going to read them to you. 147 more words


Knowledge and Faith

Often people say they don’t believe in God. But when I ask them, what exactly kind of God they don’t believe in, when they describe, it is clear that I don’t believe in this kind of God either, because description they give are so flimsy and strange. 61 more words

V.O. Ruzov

Do You Really Understand?

Nicholas Carr believes that Google is making us stupid because in today’s society the first place we turn to when looking for information and the “right” answers is Google. 171 more words

Success is in the mind

This week’s knowledge comes from Train Heroic, as we look at the 9 mental skills that successful athletes employ. I think it’s safe to take this outside the athletic box and say these are skills that successful… 1,041 more words


Birth and Rebirth

Birth is to come out from the entrails of a man and enter into the entrails of a woman and within her struggle or contend for peace and for knowledge. 169 more words


The Choices

There are numerous instances of unkindly thrusts on life

Genteel sentiments are pushed aside to allow raging desires

Philosophy of more expectations without pleasure of patience… 104 more words