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Spiritual Frauds

Since this whole Trump saga, I have seen a bunch of people claiming that he is the one that will expose the White Hats and Cabal, and there is a group of so-called spiritual people claiming Trump is the chosen one and are parading him as if he was the Massiah. 576 more words


What I Learned About Knowledge From Dropping Out of Grad School

After moving to Ohio I found myself without a full-time job. I even had a little difficulty getting substituting positions just because the system was so different from that in Minnesota, and I didn’t find the area schools very helpful, with the exception of the secretaries at Upper Sandusky High School. 1,521 more words


Chancellor Shield's Hall Forum

Hey there 4 South!!

I’d like to give everyone a quick recap of what the Chancellor had to say during the forum this evening. Chancellor Shields opened the floor to any questions that we as students could come up with, and a variety of topics were covered. 412 more words

Stats Help

Hello residents of 6 West, I hope you had a great start to your week.  Tonight I had someone come to me and ask for help with elementary stats class.   50 more words


they gather

the sage united

through time
and space

and sustaining,





This Week in Pedagogy: Looking for Trouble

Week Four

This week my students had a thesis statement due for their first written assignment. As a primer for their argumentative experiments we read… 770 more words


the daily must-do's

One of the things that I have made a point to do every night before I go to bed are called my “daily-do’s” and as I’ve checked them off my list every night for the past few weeks, I have found that my attitude has improved significantly, and I attribute it to these things. 613 more words