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Being your best means setting high standards for your own job performance but it also means having good communication skills when dealing or interacting with others. 697 more words

Common Sense

Dr Yosef Ben Jochannan Like It Is with Gil Noble in Kemet

President Obama, stern and visibly shaken by the Oregon massacre, lambasted the NRA yet again for its suffocating grip on Congress. An equally shaken Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, said that she was sickened by the sheep-like willingness of Congress to do the bidding of the NRA. 33 more words

Elemental Systems and Symbolism

Assuming you went to school, you probably learned in science class about the alchemists, who were these really primitive jerks (so the story goes) who believed in magic, and were attempting to turn lead into gold, which as we know in science class, is impossible (Actually they’ve done it in labs, it’s just stupid and wasteful to do; the gold you get in return I assume isn’t worth the expense you went through to get it, etc.). 991 more words


Where Superstition and Make-Believe Collide

There actually isn’t a secret art by which you can work miracles and defy reality, as far as I’m aware. That is: not everything is possible via some supernatural agency, if only you could learn to master it by learning some hidden knowledge. 313 more words


Three Warnings

There’s basically three major dangers that no one seems to warn anyone about when it comes to practicing magic. They are, ordered from least to most harmful, eccentricity, insanity, and corruption. 1,180 more words


Gnostic versus Dogmatic Thought (And the Occult)

When it comes to looking at types of spirituality and religion, I think it’s useful to make an artificial divide to sort them out- especially in terms of… 940 more words


Books for this month

These are the current books I am reading this month, if you have any opinions on them let me know! These are in no particular order by the way. 37 more words

Higher Consciousness