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Chemical Pneumonitis: a Life Hazard

Dealing with chemicals on daily basis may be fun and challenging for us chemists, but the sad thing about it is that we may be also sacrificing our health. 441 more words

Knowledge is Power

College is officially in secession, at least for me it is. The first day was rather nerve racking. Its not the same as high school. The feel of everything is way different. 500 more words


The Unsinkable You

My posts are typically littered with metaphors and analogies. What better way to paint a picture with words, right?

What are you doing right now, are you relaxed? 391 more words


Wake Up

What does it mean to be human? Honestly, what the hell is going on here? I think that it is beneficial to us as individuals to question things and the way they are. 846 more words


The Information Society: Intelligent People Reduced to Primal Instinct

Walking around on Indiana University’s campus, I find myself hard pressed to catch a student who isn’t plugged into something. They may have headphones in with music I can hear down the block. 712 more words