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Mexihka Neujahr 2015: 3 Acatl – 3 Reed

Looking for goals – achieving them with dedication

On the 15th of March the Mexihka celebrate their new year1. This year is reigned by the sign of 3 reed (Acatl). 678 more words


Drilling It In

The mastermind strives to master The Law of Success philosophy so that goals can be reached faster.  In order to learn all of the lessons and the outlines of each lesson we are using the drilling method to keep the information at our mental fingertips.   83 more words

The Law Of Success

Everyone’s a critic but not everyone can handle criticism. Yet, he who is critical of self can often take the criticism of others.
– M. Goodman -


The Bachelor: Squirming Through New Year's Eve

Last week on The Bachelor… we went bowling, exchanged gifts and took in a comedy show for my neighbors birthday.  Everything had been going well until he began to restart doing a couple things I had been pretty clear about not appreciating.   1,071 more words




Written, never read.

Spoken, never heard.

Old, but still relevant, especially today.

They told me “driving is a privilege”
Shit, as if –
Taking away my mobility is a right… 232 more words