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Knowmads Weekend 06

There was a girl who always dreamed and had many idea/plans in her mind but she didn’t know what to do with all of those thought. 218 more words



D’après Tryggvi Thayer, les medias sociaux nous font passer d’un espace fini, hiérarchisé, avec des chemins tracés (striated space) à un espace liquide où tout est ouvert (smooth space). 161 more words

Internet And Students

Knowmads Weekend 05

Everytime, I need to write blog, I again look at Knowmads website and tried to remember all the activities we have done in the last weekend. 499 more words


Knowmads Weekend 3 + 4

Do you ever feel lonely in a very crowd place? Do you ever feel lonely next to your friends/co-workers and life? Sometimes I just feel no one gonna understand me and who I am and Who I wanna be. 699 more words


Knowmads Weekend 02

I remember about the interview day which I had with Guus and Chris, I told them that I may not be able to attend the second weekend, due to the fact that I need to go on a business trip. 794 more words


Knowmads Weekend 01

Weekend 01:

It was so excited for me to participate in Knowmads Team 04 and meeting all other new people. I was pretty scared at the “Welcome Home”. 1,022 more words