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Meme’s are a huge part of modern internet culture.  If you’re on any social media, you’ve seen a meme.  Memes are a HUGE part of fan culture.   326 more words

Photogenic Mugshot Goes Viral

The latest in the ‘Ridiculously Photogenic’ series of internet virals has thrown a drink-driving brunette into the spotlight. The new meme, known as Attractive Convict, which focuses on a police mugshot of a 25-year-old woman, has become the latest online sensation. 83 more words


Librariotypes presents: 'How people view my profession' memes!

noun \ˈmēm\ : an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture. (Merriam-Webster)

Internet meme
An Internet meme is an idea that is propagated through the World Wide Web. 314 more words


XVIII. Cinema As It Should Be

It’s midterm season. If you listen carefully, you can hear the brains of your neighbourhood students exploding (it sounds a bit like exploding an egg in the microwave. 376 more words

VIII. A Meme in the Making

How does one create a meme? There are untold numbers of increasingly random Internet sensations flooding our mental newsfeeds- enough so that all but the best meme historians need to rely on… 358 more words

Nyan Cat

Nyan Cat, also known as Pop Tart Cat, is an 8-bit animation depicting a cat with the body of a cherry pop tart flying through outer space. 14 more words

Online Links

Thoughts On The Importance Of Rationalization And Amusing Pictures I Found On The Internet. Take Your Pick.

(Warning: Bad language ahead)

1) There’s been a ton of snow in New England lately, so as a result I’ve been spending a lot of time doing a whole lot of nothing.  779 more words