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Day 90 Relax

Today I don’t have to train. It’s my relaxing day. I got to sleep in. It doesn’t seem like enough sleep though. I woke up pretty sore and still tired. 122 more words

MMA Training


Part of a finger joint where the bone is near the surface. Middle English “knokel” < Middle High German “knuchel”=little bone.


Nihon Knuckle Beefy

Japanese beef and especially knuckle is fantastic when cooked sous vides due to the fact that it is lean. The leaner the cut the better the result and here you can see the beef under vacuum. 29 more words

Curious About It?

Forklift BICEPS

Woots! Just couldn’t resist posting this picture. Somehow someway we were rather blown away by the quality of the product and someone even commented it reminded him of the human BICEPS! 110 more words


Set of 9 gold stacking rings, Gold knuckle ring, Band ring, Adjustable ring…

Sapphire GemstonesHow much do you think this costs?
Sapphire Gemstones 11.98 CT 11×11 MM Green Star 6 Rays Sapphire Cabochon (Lab) EGS341 Top 10 Princess Cut Engagement Rings Unique Vintage Engagement Rings… 18 more words

ik 299 for December 2015 wp

ik 299

kickoff – know
knee and knuckle
keep this key close


Inspired by: “You can’t change the body without changing the mind, 135 more words


8 Above the Knuckle Rings - Silver stacking ring, Knuckle Ring, Thin silver…

Fashion JewelryDo you love this?
Fashion Jewelry Now THAT’S an engagement ring! Jeweller’s $70m diamond sparkler cut entirely… Navajo Ring Nautical You Need Gold Rhinestone Bracelet… 17 more words