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The knuckleball is the hardest pitch to master in baseball. Only a few of pitches have used this pitch in their arsenal of pitches in a career. 225 more words


California Crime Writers Killing It

March has been a great month for fans of California crime fiction. A few weeks ago, LA-based author Eric Beetner published the full omnibus edition of his serialized novel THE YEAR I DIED 7 TIMES on Beat To A Pulp press. 528 more words

Early Wynn (1958 - Topps #100)

Early Wynn, Jr, was a Pitcher for the Washington Senators (1939, ’41 – ’44 and ’46 – ‘48, interrupted by 2 years in the U.S.military), Cleveland Indians (1949 – ’57 and 1963), and the Chicago White Sox (1958 – ’62). 112 more words

VJP Legends

Knuckeball Questions

How did you get the idea to do a documentary on Knuckleball pitchers?

What type of impact do you think Tim Wakefield and RA Dickey made on their teams? 62 more words

What Works

What Works: Knuckleball!

How did Tim Wakefield achieving 200 wins affect the making of the documentary?

Who do you consider some of the greatest knuckleballers to be?

The MLB season is the longest professional sports seasons in America, how easy or difficult was it to get interviews and footage to make this documentary?

"Knuckleball" Questions

  • As a co-producer of “Knuckleball” did you have to stay un-bias in believing whether or not the knuckleball pitch was legitimate or not?
  • What is the most important take away you want the audience to get from the documentary?
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Questions for Christine Schomer, Knuckleball Documentary

1. What inspired you to make a documentary on this topic? Are you a fan of Major League Baseball?

2. What were the processes you went through in order to get in touch with the baseball teams and specifically Tim Wakefield and R.A. 52 more words