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A Listening Posture and the Knuckleball

What is a ‘listening posture’? We know that it refers to a mental or spiritual attitude, but what is it like: Standing, sitting, lying prone? A baseball catcher spends much of his career in a crouch or squat. 322 more words


Flash Movie Review: Knuckleball!

For some people when they hear these words they expect to have a fun time; others do not share the same feelings. “Start picking sides for your team,” are words I have always found to be twinged with cruelness. 439 more words


The Top 10 Rural Crime Noir Novels ... and more

If you’re talking crime fiction, more often than not the mind conjures up an urban setting: LA, NYC or SF, perhaps.

In fact, one of my latest faves, … 397 more words

Crime Fiction

Ageless Knuckleballer R.A. Dickey's Success as Inconsistent as the Weather

WASHINGTON — Blue Jays knuckleballer R.A. Dickey is about as mercurial a starting pitcher as one will find.

This year alone, he’s given up two runs or less in four games, and six runs or more in three games, through 11 starts. 695 more words


Pitts throws a Fastball and Hits a Homerun at the Same Time

Knuckleball by Tom Pitts really showcases how great Pitts’ writing has become. His last book, Hustle, was an outstanding display of a character driven story that left the reader begging for more from Pitts. 319 more words

Distracting nose hair left at Bingeman's by Brendan Fraser

The show Fortitude is excellent.  It’s like Fargo on drugs.

Went to Sheridan Nurseries to pick up some plants to help enhance the taste of the salads within our household.  771 more words