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Image construction goes beyond media spin

By Eric Wamanji

Recently, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) floated an advert inviting consultants to re-parching its shredded image. Of course chaps at TSC thought, rightly so, that you need an image doctor to make-up the wrinkles and acnes afflicting the commission. 875 more words

Random Start: Knut - “Suckers”

I had completely forgotten about Knut until a couple of months ago when my friend who pretty much introduced me to the even uglier side of all the metallic hardcore I already liked reminded me that this was still a listening option.

Random Start

Storitellah's view: Teachers Strike in Kenya.

I started experiencing the full impact of a teachers strike sometimes in 2002, when I was in a private learning institution. The government had refused to pay teachers their rightful dues. 179 more words


Help!! We are under siege!

One would have thought that now that a court in Kenya pronounced that teachers should suspend their strike and go back to school that learning would resume. 689 more words


Teachers strike still on, says KUPPET

The teachers strike is still on, despite a court order suspending it for 90 days, Kuppet secretary general Akello Misori has said.

This comes after Justice Nelson Abuodha suspended the strike and ordered the teachers’ immediate return to school. 49 more words

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Teachers Strike: What Options for Government?

Last time there was a teachers’ strike, I predicted that it would fail as I had expected the Kibaki government to act tough. It did not. 481 more words

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Why Uhuru would never be President for life

I suspect that when the son of Jomo wakes up each morning and it hits him that he is President of Kenya, he curses what he smoked the morning he decided to run for office. 753 more words

Ted Malanda