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#Metoo in the Korean Theatre World: The Case of Director Lee Yun-taek

Heartbreaking, angry-making news in the Korean theatre world… Too early to give a meaningful comment, yet hopefully not to late to show my solidarity and spread the word. 529 more words

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On Mosquitoes and Poets

Ever the gentleman Berry–knowing a thing or two
about sacred things
and forgiveness–bowed and said,
“I beg your pardon, come here and I will kill thee, 329 more words


A Friend / Người Bạn


Hey! With the clay you dug out
I fashioned a buddha
It rained
The buddha turned back into clay
Pointless as the clear skies after rain. 221 more words


Summer by Ko Un

The sightless sunflower follows the sun.
The sightless moonflower blossoms in moonlight.
That’s all they know.
Dragonflies fly by day
beetles by night.

From: … 28 more words


Watch out for Ngugi Wa Thiongo, Margaret Atwood, Haruki Murakami, Ko Un, 110th Nobel Prize winner for Literature emerges today

NOBEL – Feelers emerging from the Swedish Academy indicate that it will announce the winner of the 110th Nobel Prize for Literature today (Thursday).

Last year, American singer and songwriter, Bob Dylan, was awarded the prize and thus became the second songwriter to win it, 103 years after Indian poet, Rabindranath Tagore, emerged winner in 1913. 502 more words


Ko Un

Your Pilgrimage
by Ko Un

A slower pace, a somewhat slower pace will do.
Of a sudden, should it start to rain,
let yourself get soaked. 52 more words