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Blue Mountains and Featherdale Wildlife Tour, Sydney

In Sydney and want to get up close and personal with Australian wildlife?  Watch as I head to Featherdale Wildlife Park.  There you will meet Kangaroos, hold Koala Bears and see lots of other animals native to Australia.   66 more words


Stop Everything Right Now Because These Koalas Are Riding On An Airplane

Singapore is celebrating 50 years of independence this year, so the city-state was like, what better way to celebrate our independence than with a bunch of koalas?  176 more words

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Just Some Old Fashioned Greco-Roman Koala Wrestling

These two feisty koala bears couldn’t look more like a pair of actual human wrestlers tousling around on the ground if they slathered themselves with canola oil, … 149 more words


Australia week 1# - Just me now

This past week and a half have been big for me. When I first decided last year to take some time off to travel I saw it as a solo mission. 828 more words


Best of Brisbane

Our last stop in Australia was in Brisbane.

It is another city full of old and new. The architecture was wonderful – lots to keep my camera clicking away. 100 more words

Tasmania! Wait, Wut?

Um, yeah. We went to Tasmania. I don’t know if I could have found it on a map, but it is an island principality off the south east coast of Australia, once a penal colony. 340 more words

Issue 3 - Koala Bears and Nursing Homes

Justine had a love for koala bears unmatched by anyone in her nursing home. Even though she was just nineteen she wanted nothing more than to be an  old, feeble dying lady. 218 more words