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Snapple Fun Fact of the Day

Bought a Snapple iced tea for the ride home from work today and the fun fact under the lid was “most Koalas can sleep 22 hours a day.   16 more words



A couple of sketches for an upcoming thing. First time I’ve ever drawn a koala. Did you know they have two thumbs? Yeah, me neither. Learning new things. 8 more words


5th February - Sydney/Avalon/Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia

We wait on Bondi Road in the blustering wind for our airport transfer to arrive, too tired to speak. Rachel grips onto two bananas (our mobile breakfast) but I’m too tired to eat. 574 more words

Watch a Koala Throw a Really Intense Temper Tantrum

Turns out koalas are sore losers. And also a little bit terrifying.

It’s koala mating season in Australia, which means trees everywhere have essentially become crowded bars during Ladies’ Night, with aggressive males fighting and making all sorts of really weird noises. 194 more words

Full Flavor

How I love a green leafy munch
Sit on a branch all day and crunch
But how I long for that sweet euclypt tree
The tall shady one by the road. 96 more words


Adam's Fun Facts: Kid Rock, Thanksgiving In Canada, Koalas Bears & More

What do koala bears finger prints look like?  Why did a Kid Rock karaoke song chart hirer than the real song?  How did Seal Team Six get their name?  144 more words