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The East Coast: Townsville, Magnetic Island, Mission Beach and Rafting

Less complaining, more enjoying. Now that the Greyhound disaster is done, I can get back to enjoying this trip of mine, right?

Well, mostly.

I’m still suffering from it. 817 more words


Do you want to Hug a Koala?

Koalas are those furry and cuddly bear-like animals that are natives of Australia.  Native Australians call them Koala Bear.  These lovable Koala, however, are not part of the Bear Family, thus calling them Koala Bear are somewhat a misnomer. 321 more words

A Year Of Wordless Wednesdays

Today marks a year since I first started Wordless Wednesday posts.

Simple posts which involved a single photograph, and nothing more.

No caption, no explanation, no words at all (hence why it is called Wordless Wednesday – obviously) 124 more words



Just came back from my 16-day trip to Australia, the land of koalas and kangaroos! It was a jam-packed trip, as usual, but everything went relatively smooth and we all had a great time! 943 more words


Out in the park with a rhino

After madame koala came home and told everyone how beautiful maymont park is rhino decided to take a trip to the park as well.


The Aussie Bean

I’ve never been to Australia, but I’ve heard great things about the coffee scene over there. Thus, I was thrilled when I found an Australian coffee shop in Orange County (yes, you read that right). 39 more words