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Dear Upstairs Neighbour

Hello, we haven’t really met properly but I’m your downstairs neighbour, how are you?

Good? Are you sure? As that was an awfully loud bang ten minutes ago, and nine minutes ago, and six minutes ago, and.. 567 more words


International Zine Month 2017 Day 9: Hello, Hello

Write a letter to a zine maker that you don’t know

Another International Zine Month day, and another International Zine Month activity!

I’m going to tweak today’s activity a little bit because, well, I have a koala postcard!

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Katy Perry’s ‘koala chasing’ line in commercial gets slammed

Best to leave the koalas alone.Image: Shirlaine Forrest/WireImage Don t mess with the koalas, Katy Perry. The pop star faced criticism for telling her pet dog Nugget let s go chase some koalas in an ad for Australian department store chain Myer. 20 more words

Katy Perry, Koalas, and One Eye

Katy Perry is getting some negative press in Australia due to an insensitive advertisement for her upcoming tour, Witness, where she tells her dog they should go “chase some koalas”.   224 more words

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Warrnambool Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve

Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve 这个景点是旅馆老板介绍的,这里可以在一個非常安全的環境中看到考拉、袋鼠、鴯鶓等豐富的野生動物。唯一看到的考拉就在树上最高处,尽管风大树摇摇晃晃它还是会粘住树根不会掉下来,哈哈。

Great Ocean Road

Great Otway National Park & Cape Otway Lightstation

大洋路第二天的行程继续往西边走,离开了Apollo Bay 前往澳洲维多利亚省最南端 Cape Otway,接下来的行程都是看海看山,还有要看到野生考拉,听说国家公园是出现最多考拉的其中一个景点。 17 more words

Great Ocean Road

My name is Jerome and I've got some fantastic ideas

G’day, folks! My name is Jerome and I’m a man with two hobbies: playing hockey and coming up with ideas. Here’s some I thought up while I was sitting in the bathroom stroking my koala. 293 more words