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Look At Me Now

I came to the revelation yesterday that every single time I’m doing something embarrassing, I see someone I know. A few weeks (months, whatever.. who’s counting?) ago I had just rolled out of bed, looking like a million bucks (obviously) and decided I needed to go grocery shopping. 495 more words


Wanna See A Guy Eat 25 Marshmellow Peeps In 30 Seconds?

Kobayashi, that competitive eater guy from Japan, celebrated Easter by setting a new world record yesterday. He ate 25 Marshmallow Peeps in 30 seconds. A writer for BuzzFeed.com went up against him and only managed to put down four.


Major League Eating

Really fast eating is a sport. It has an exclusive top flight league and Kobayashi refused to sign an exclusive deal with it. So like a Wimbledon final without Federer or a World Cup final without Brazil, the nation’s hot dog eating contest unfolded with a Kobayashi-shaped hole in it’s fatty heart. 33 more words

General News

It's that time of year again!

Its the 2008 Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest! Personally, watching this video makes me want to barf. I mean I love me a good hot dog but not this! 21 more words