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Lotteria in Kobe, Japan

So this post is a long time coming (taken back in March of 2016). I’ve had other posts that showed I’ve eaten here on previous visits, but this was a special visit. 150 more words

A new meat shop in Wan Chai

If the number of high end meat shops in your neighborhood is an indication of changing tastes and socio-economic affluence, then Spring Garden Lane is a reflection of what residents and visitors to Lee Tung Avenue have become. 389 more words

General Thoughts

Memories of Kobe

The past weekend I went to Kobe and it will forever hold a special place in my heart. Even though I did not ask to be placed in Tottori for the JET Program, I’m pretty happy that I am at least somewhat accessible to big cities such as Kobe, which is about a 2.5 hour drive away. 486 more words


Japan Trip: Dinner at Wakkoqu

As I mentioned in my previous post, the only reason our family stopped at Kobe was because Dad wanted to eat Kobe beef. I’m not even kidding. 277 more words

Hello From Sandy In Japan

【蜜月旅行】酒店式享受神戶牛 探望Pokemon Center比卡超 HONEYMOON AT KANSAI DAY7


原本計劃1天神戶 – 吃牛+outlet,但是發現這樣時間太匆忙,特別對於要細心享受神戶牛午宴,匆匆忙忙豈不是浪費酒店式的享受。

我們選擇是kobe plaisir,因為午餐價錢與普通餐廳差不多,而這家不但食物質素好,而且用餐環境以及服務均是超乎意料之外的好!

如果大家也有興趣 記得出發前就訂位,walk-in不一定能吃上


我們分別選Kobe Beef及Tajima Beef。第一次吃,感官和味蕾享受均不知如何形容,大家看圖吧!


用餐完畢後,我們就回程大阪,因為今天要前訪梅田站大丸百貨公司的Pokemon Center,Pokemon 迷必到「打卡」。



吃飽飽又是shopping time,老公在GU血拚完,回酒店。


fb page:http://www.fb.com/littlefootonair or search 小腳板大世界 10 more words


In Pictures: Kobe Beef Steaks Served at American Restaurants

Raw Kobe beef steak from Japan

Only 9 restaurants in the U.S. offer Kobe beef steaks.


Savoring Kobe Beef at Ishida Honten, Kobe

I don’t know about you, but I am a “bucketlist” type of girl. I have wishlist for everything: travel destinations, Christmas gifts, life experiences, fitness goals. 1,013 more words

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