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A Taste of Kobe

Cosmopolitan Kobe was slotted into our itinerary for one reason, and one reason only: Kobe beef. However, our day spent wandering this maritime metropolis taught us that there’s far more to Kobe than its cuisine. 884 more words


Kobe Beef Kaiseki 511, Part 2 (to go!), Asakusa

511 also gave us an unexpected gift… a to-go box with fresh ramen noodles and sauce made with kobe beef!

The contents of the room-temp packet look gross. 87 more words


Kobe Beef Kaiseki 511, Asakusa

As an unexpected, generous wedding gift, a friend took us here.

Inside seems halfway between swanky and traditional steak house.

The real reason I was here: Kobe beef steak! 239 more words


Osaka, Japan - Day 6 * Kobe Beef! By Mark Weins

What’s in the video:

On Day 6 we took a day trip to Kobe… Kobe is one of those places that’s incredibly famous because of the beef they produce – which is considered to be one of the best beef destinations in the world. 439 more words

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Japan 2016

I went to Japan for two weeks with my family over a month ago, and it was one of the most exciting trips I’ve ever been on. 126 more words


[Kobe, Japan] ~ An Evening of Murakami and Beef

An odd combination of to-do’s but still of worth – 10.05.15

Right after my DIY Murakami tour in Hyogo is a side trip to nearby Kobe.

579 more words

Eating in Hyogo: More Than Beef

I’m not above booking a vacation focused on food, since that would take care of two items on my bucket list in one blow. There’s nothing like going somewhere new and tasting the local specialties. 494 more words