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The Lexis Japan Teen Program is in full swing!

Today, our teens tried out the iconic Kobe Beef for a stylish lunch in Kitano

On Thursday, Alice and Michelle ventured to B TEKITEI restaurant in the idyllic neighbourhood of Kitano. 115 more words

Looking for the best hamburgers in BCN - Part II : Timesburg

Today we were at the beach at 11:30. It is quiet early for us to be at the beach but seems like not for everyone. It was already crowded and finally we could find an empty place to put our parasol close to the sea. 299 more words



I don’t think I had paid much attention to Kobe before the great Hanshin earthquake of January 1995. Images coming out of this area were so striking (such as this photo of the Hanshin elevated expressway after the quake), and so many people were affected, that Kobe remained in view for several months. 471 more words


Japan’s 10 best restaurants, as chosen by foreign travelers

People travel to Japan for all sorts of different reasons. Many are seeking a taste of tradition and history, and plan visits to the country’s most important shrines and castles. 752 more words


Engawa, London- The premium wagyu ( Kobe ) beef experience

I am a little bit delayed in terms of my posting on my fantastic and luxurious Kobe beef experience in Engawa. For those of you who are clueless about Kobe beef , allow me to explain. 570 more words


Real, Genuine Kobe Beef

Okay, so I’m sure most of us have had “Kobe” beef, but I doubt very many of us had eaten genuine Kobe beef before. This was the most delicious thing I’ve eaten in my entire life and it was so tender that we could break it apart with our chopsticks. 136 more words


Affordable Kobe Beef Lunch! お手軽神戸牛ランチ!

Do you like Wagyu beef? Have you ever thought that you want to eat Kobe Beef once in your life?


Affordable Wagyu/Kobe Beef lunch place called “Kobe Beef Motomachi Luncher” is literally 2 minutes from Lexis Japan!! 55 more words