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New Kobe bryant Music Mixtape: The Kobe Bryant RapTape

We here at PicassoBaby wanted to make a special mixtape. Not just any other mixtape for just anybody, but someone special. Someone who today is still missed by alot of people around the globe. 280 more words

Fuck you 2020 but Thank You.

I’m writing this in the middle/end of what I would say to be the world’s biggest pandemic in my lifetime. New Years Eve, Seaside Lounge in Houston, TX I was celebrating with some of my close friends and we had no idea life after that night would become so life changing. 379 more words

What You Should Be Seeing NOW

Do We idolize Sports Stars?

I grew up in the 80’s and my favorite sports star is Michael Jordan. I can still see him soaring through the air. He could dunk it from the free throw line. 210 more words

Daily blog #42

Fight Day

It’s fight day and after a great sleep and some coffee I’m ready to start preparing for the rest of the day, starting with easy tasks like making my pullout bed and brushing my teeth. 251 more words

Kobe Bryant's Nike Mamba Fury Gets A Lakers Colorway

Getting your hands on any footwear and apparel that pertains to Kobe Bryant seems to be only a pipe dream. With the tragic loss of the Lakers legend only a few months ago, it would seem that Nike is putting a halt on all Bryant merchandise. 89 more words