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Hyogo Investigation committee submits report on disabled man kept ‘caged’ in Sanda city

Written extracts from NHK

September 20th 2018

HYOGO – The investigative committee that was charged with examining the correspondence and reports of the city in a case where a disabled man was confined by his father for over 20 years in Sanda city, Hyogo Prefecture, has produced a summary of report which suggests neglect was a factor in the disabled man’s death. 506 more words


Day Trip: Himeji & Kobe.

Hello Pals,
While my friends were off doing something for the day I decided I’d venture off for a day trip to Himeji and Kobe. It’s quite close from Kyoto with a JR pass and to be honest, I didn’t even plan Himeji until I heard it announced over the speaker and decided to continue to Himeji and go to Kobe on the way back. 1,419 more words


Kobe Railway Wheelchair user death: Trapped wheelchair, inactive safety sensor possible contributing factors

Written with extracts from The Kobe Shimbun

September 19th 2018

A combination of a stuck wheelchair and an inactive safety sensor that detects objects on the tracks possibly contributed to the death of a 73-year old man at a railway crossing, the Kobe Shimbun reported. 212 more words


The End of My Japanese Journey

I’m not one to always make the most practical of travel plans. It’s 8pm in Osaka Kansai International Airport, and my flight departs at 7am tomorrow so I’ll either stay up all night catching up on anime or go to the really dark and creepy unlit area of the terminal damaged by the storm and sleep. 981 more words

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Wheelchair user's death at a Kobe railway station further highlights lack of accessibility

By Barrier Free Japan

September 18th 2018

A 73-year-old man using an electric wheelchair at a railroad crossing on the Hankyu Kobe Line in Kobe City died on the evening of September 16th as a train hit him. 660 more words


Wheelchair using man killed at Kobe railway crossing

From NHK

September 16th 2018

KOBE – A 73-year-old man using an electric wheelchair at a railroad crossing of the Hankyu Kobe Line in Kobe City died on the 16th evening as a train hit him, police said that he was not able to cross the railroad crossing. 146 more words


Kobe: Arima Road Yuuwa Hot Spring Hotel

It was time to hit the road for a couple of days. Kazuyo and I had been working very hard from the spring time on our schools and doing all the things you gotta do when you run a company like englishbiz. 766 more words

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