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First Preview Thoughts - Benedict Cumberbatch's Hamlet at the Barbican!

Tis’ I, Hamlet The Dane!

After over a year since its announcement, tonight finally saw the first performance of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Hamlet at the Barbican! I know how many people are keen to hear about the production and as I’m not seeing it again until after press night (due to the 6 ticket limit), I thought I’d share my initial thoughts on the production as a whole. 2,165 more words


"Foxglove Summer" Rivers of London #5 by Ben Aaronovitch - PC Peter Grant goes to the country

I’ve fallen in love with the “Rivers of London” series. I look forward to each new book  because I know I will slide into a world of PC  Peter Grant and feel happier for being in his company: a mixed-race police constable in the Met, he approaches the world with an insatiable curiosity, a passion for architecture, a commitment to the scientific method, an implacable resistance to the abuse of power, a dry wit that never slides into jaded cynicism and the ability, after much practice and with great concentration, to do magic. 490 more words

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Drawing: Charlotte Lucas, Jessica Raine and Kobna Holdbrook-Smith in The Changeling at The Young Vic Theatre

Jessica Raine and Charlotte Lucas featured in the sell out hit The Changeling at London’s Young Vic, helmed by the Theatres’ Deputy Artistic Director Joe Hill-Gibbings in early 2012. 115 more words



The Double, an adaptation of Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s 1866 novella, is brought to the screen via writer/director Richard Ayoade and co-screenwriter Avi Korine. What Ayoade and Korine get right is Dostoyevsky’s impending sense of doom. 580 more words


The Double Review

Richard Ayoade’s second feature film, The Double stars Jesse Eisenberg as shy and timid office clerk Simon James in a slightly different world to ours. Simon constantly works overtime, is paid poorly, his mother doesn’t recognise him and constantly insults him, he doesn’t have the courage to talk to Hannah (Mia Wasikowska) the girl of his dreams (who is also a colleague) and people hardly notice his existence. 493 more words

Release Week: Alice Hoffman's The Museum of Extraordinary Things and David Weber's Like a Mighty Army, Broken Homes and The New Watch, Metro 2034 and Z 2135, and more

FEBRUARY 12-18, 2013: A packed week this week, both in terms of releases and news. New audiobooks range from magical realism (Alice Hoffman’s The Museum of Extraordinary Things… 13,821 more words

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