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Better train journey than most...

I have been fan of the ‘Rivers of London’ Series for a long time, and have been a massive advocate for the series. Probably a few too many people I know have been give the first books as Birthday or Christmas presents,  but genuinely I think they are well written, constructed with fluidity and intricately played out.   471 more words


Another day; Another book or 2...

That’s right readers, I’m on Chapter 6 of Book 4 of the year. I will update you all on Book 3 but as I haven’t finished yet… I can’t. 243 more words


Book #125: The Hanging Tree (2016)

author: Ben Aaronovitch
language: English and a bit of Krio (Sierra Leone creole)
length: 618 minutes (10 hours 18 minutes) including an interview with the author and narrator… 548 more words


"The Hanging Tree - Peter Grant #6" by Ben Aaronovitch

I enjoy Peter Grant’s company. I’d read the books even if there was no other plot that following Peter around and seeing his disdainful reaction to the rich and tasteless, his fierce opposition to the abuse of power, his passion for architecture, his dismissal of history written only from the victor’s perspective and his endless appetite to know more. 364 more words

Book Reviews

"Blue Remembered Earth - Poseidon's Children #1" by Alastair Reynolds

For me, the best thing about “Blue Remembered Earth” was the narration by Kobna Holdbrook-Smith. His energy and his mastery of all kinds of interesting accents, made this long book a stimulating, if leisurely quest rather than a tediously long journey. 407 more words

Book Reviews

Book #121: Foxglove Summer (2014)

author: Ben Aaronovitch
language: English
length: 645 minutes (10 hours, 45 minutes)
finished listening on: 3 November 2016
Rivers of London series 1 | 2… 412 more words


5 things I liked this week - 25/11/16

  1. We went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and it was, well, fantastic! And it was such a thrill to hear those first few bars of the Harry Potter theme and the similar style opening credits, at the start of the movie.
  2. 441 more words