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Come This Way Available Now

Come This Way is now available!

You’d think with each new book, the actual book release would get easier. I have found the opposite to be true. 301 more words

Skinwalker is a paranormal mystery set in urban New Orleans, a very appropriate setting for this genre. What makes this book different than other paranormal books I’ve read is that our protagonist, Jane Yellowrock, is a Skinwalker and I’ve never read a book where the Skinwalker wasn’t an evil character. 202 more words

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Shadow’s End is the latest novel in the Elder Races series. Thea Harrison has created a world where Elves, Vampires, Djinn and Wyr’s live in territories ruled by Kings, Queens or leaders of their species. 302 more words

A Hot Chick Who Reads

Alien Busters Review

     Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of Alien Busters by Safa Shaqsy in exchange for an honest review. 

Alien Busters is not the first work published by Safa Shaqsy, but it feels like it could be. 702 more words


At the end of the first novel, Feyre dies, and all of the High Lords, present at the moment of her death, help re-make her. She is brought back to life, but it is as an immortal, not as a human. 285 more words

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Phoenix - Excerpts

I decided to post two excerpts from the book. One is from the Prologue, which I mentioned in the previous post. Another is from about two-thirds of the way through the novel. 3,110 more words


Women Rule Men Drool

Femdom Slave Husband 3
Twisted Sadistic Wife Completely Dominates Slave Husband
Diane’s slave husband, Dave, has finally completed their home dungeon. While he wants to use it right away, she makes him wait until she is ready to give him an intense femdom scene to inaugurate the new dungeon properly. 1,155 more words