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Bookbub for all your book deals!

Bookbub is a brilliant book discount community where you sign up for FREE, add your favourite genres/authors, and then Bookbub emails you with book deals, so you don’t miss them. 80 more words

New Romance #AAR

Jessabel is a writer that has been experiencing one bad event after another, until she wins a writing contest after drinking her sorrows the night before. 70 more words


A Diamond & Cow Crap

Well the title honestly says it all … For days, weeks and I would have dreaded to mention a month, I have waded through what feels like an endless field of cow crap that seems to get deeper the further I go. 494 more words


If you like updated versions of fairytales, then you will love The Shadow Queen. I hadn’t ever read one, so I was unsure if I’d like it, but I am happy to say that other than some of the basic plot points this storyline was as different from Snow White as you could get. 412 more words

A Hot Chick Who Reads

Environmentally Friendly: man against nature

Author Elias Zanbaka crams a stack of action into precious few pages in this rapid-fire short story, which turns out to be the perfect length for a coffee break. 232 more words

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Tech 101: Reflowable EPUBs VS Fixed Layout EPUBs

Last summer, Kobo Writing Life launched its professional EPUB conversion service on the Author Services tab of the Dashboard. Since then, we’ve seen one question come up a lot: what’s the difference between epub and epub fixed layout? 420 more words

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Book Promo - 'My Own Voice' - FREE 17th to 20th February...

Author Name: Uvi Poznansky

Sale dates. 02/17/2017-02/20/2017

Regular price of book: $2.99

Sale price of book: $0.00

Three ways to describe this book:

Literary Fiction, family sagas novels, family saga romance… 219 more words

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