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Ghastly new report says American poultry workers wear diapers because they're afraid to take bathroom breaks

by Chris Crowley

Here’s another reminder that there’s a real cost to cheap meat. According to a new report released by Oxfam, workers in poultry factories — in addition to being underpaid and overworked in the country’s most dangerous work environment — routinely face the indignity of being denied bathroom breaks. 321 more words

Family Safety

Koch Snowflake

In my collection of programs generating fractals this famous one cannot miss.
The Koch snowflake is generated by starting with an equilateral triangle. Every side of the triangle then gets cut into three equal pieces and the center one gets replaced with yet another equilateral triangle. 999 more words


HB2: NC's Anti-Conservative Republicans

Hey there, fellow young people of North Carolina. Our state’s been in a literal shitstorm recently, right?

HB2 (AKA “That bathroom bill”) and the national attention that followed it made me learn all about all the cancelled shows my upset mom got tickets to. 1,588 more words

Pay no attention to the Kochs

Reading about the patience with which billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch endured Democratic Congresses and presidents so long as they could fund state legislators and think tanks to promulgate their ideas about eliminating the federal government, I think David Atkins’ … 341 more words

Charles Koch: Clinton Might Make Better President Than Republican Candidates

I don’t believe this man.
Tumi this seems like a red herring to bolster Bernie Sanders at this pivotal moment in the campaign. There are some people you want to have say they think you are presidential material and there are others who are saying it to hurt you. 33 more words

Koch puts Oxbridge CEO on leave, pending school probe

Oxbridge Academy, the high school founded by Palm Beach billionaire Bill Koch, placed its president and two other staffers on leave Friday amid a Palm Beach Post investigation into allegations of a toxic employment environment including sexual harassment and high turnover. 309 more words