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Food, Glorious Food!

For reference to what this post is about, click this link: http://thinkprogress.org/economy/2015/04/15/3647217/fast-food-strikes-2015/

Today in over 200 cities, low wage restaurant employees went on strike for higher wages. 377 more words

Light Play : Brains Nerves and Butts

This past weekend Mark and I got a bunch more work done for the installation. We finished glueing and painting all the shiny black honeycomb pallets, so all twelve of them are now stacked neatly waiting to receive delta babies.  350 more words


Checks and Balances Project Welcomes New Senior Fellow Joel Francis

I am excited for this opportunity to continue my earlier work advocating for a healthier climate future. Much has changed since my last foray when I… 177 more words


Extreme Weather in U.S. Caused $19 Billion in Damage in 2014

An article from ThinkProgress found that extreme weather inside the United States, in 2014, alone, caused $19 billion in damages.

Hey look, my home state, hosting the leading deniers of climate change, is number 1 on the list! 163 more words

Climate Change

The Road To Hell: A Sheep In Libertarian Clothing

One reason I struggle with being called a libertarian is that the name occasionally has been associated with rabid fundamentalists who want to strip human society down to its kickers and set us to playing gym period murder-ball against each other, each man for himself, while holding their own agenda of restriction based on race, sexual orientation, and “family values.” Take the Koch brothers, who contribute heavily to libertarian causes and Reason magazine (1) and at the same time support right wing politicians like Wisconsin governor Scott Walker and other tea party members and their anti-gay legislation. 995 more words


HTML5 Canvases & Transforms

Browsers supporting HTML5 allow you to draw on the browser’s screen without preparing an image file before. Drawing on a canvas is done using the wonderful Javascript language. 364 more words

Congress and Lobbyists are Going to Destroy Polar Bear Reproductive Systems

by Evan McKenna, Editor-in-chief
April 2, 2015

Several polar bear attacks have occurred since melting ice drove the mammal onto human territory. Unfortunately, they haven’t gotten their teeth on Congressional Republicans or the Koch-brother lobbyists, who are making a conscious effort to eradicate their genitalia. 1,226 more words