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Foods 1 Pancakes with recipe

After what seemed like an endless amount of snow days, the Foods 1 students finally had their first experiences in the lab! One of the favorite recipes from this course is our simple buttermilk pancakes. 234 more words

Foods I

Tea Bagging Douche Baggery

I usually don’t bring myself to such name calling, but in this case it’s  exactly what’s going on. Republicans – not normal ones though, super Tea Party ones – are on a warpath, their victims, the poor of course. 556 more words

So Who Is Really Running This Place?

This is part 1 of a 3 part series: Check out part 2 and part 3.

The Koch brothers, I had never head of them before Monday night, but now I can’t seem to get the billionaire brothers out of my head. 511 more words

Standing Up For Americans

 No taps being played here.  Just a sob song on the world’s tiniest violin for the Koch brothers as President Obama vetoes the Keystone XL Pipeline, as promised. 301 more words


Do you believe in science?

The image above is from the Heartland Institute, an advocacy group which receives funding from a number of conservative sources (Scaife, Olin, Koch, for example) to promote doubts about climate change, the health risks of cigarettes, the dangers of fracking, and of taxation–among other issues.  608 more words