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— Dutch Palace, Kochi, April ’16


bkf = toast, rolls, sausage...

bkf = toast, rolls, sausage, mushroom minestrone, Naoshichi citrus jelly plus coffee

Naoshichi is a kind of citrus which is produced in Kochi prefecture in Japan. 19 more words

On My Daily Life

A story of two boats..

This is how the story of the first boat begins.

Once upon an ancient time, several thousand years ago, nestled within lush green valleys and stony riverbeds, there flourished an ancient city named Jerusalem. 1,343 more words

Bedtime stories and Sex and the City.

Couple of days back my mother came to stay with us. I love those day when she is home. I mean who doesn’t love having their mother around. 700 more words

Podcast replaces FM Radio

I have 20 minutes drive to reach my office at Paramara Road. In the car while driving, Radio Mango 91.9 and Club FM 94.3 were my companions to kill the traffic. 82 more words


Japan Summer Photo Diary 2015

So the weather is getting warmer now here in Japan, hard to believe I have been here almost a year already. Time has flown by, I feel like before I know it my wonderful island life will be over and I will have to face reality again. 358 more words