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Henro Day 14: July 4

Susaki Henro Hut 須崎遍路小屋 → Agiri Kubokawa Michi-no-Eki アギリ窪川道の駅
Temples: None
Weather: Rain
Travel Method:  Walking + Train
Distance: 18.7 (+ 19) km

I wake up to a morning drizzle and check my foot. 1,740 more words


Henro Day 12: July 2

Kochi City 高知市
Temples: 33 (Sekkei-ji 雪蹊寺), 34 (Tanema-ji 種間寺), 35 (Kiyotaki-ji 清滝寺)
Weather: Sunny
Travel Method:  Walking (Train + Bus to and from last walking point) 2,382 more words


Day 13 at new office!

So like I said the other day,I almost lost the count of days….but then a very famous radiologist told me tat I shudnt forget the count since I was only getting started….! 460 more words


i squid you not...(I 💜 tentacles)

Chocolate and squid. If I was to choose a last meal, for whatever reason, they would be the two feature ingredients. God I love squid. I’m not sure why, and when I think about those rubbery circles or chunks of tentacled rubberyness it doesn’t sound that appetising yet some of the greatest meals I’ve ever eaten have been squid based…. 695 more words


Day...(Well i have really lost the count now)

So approximately 2 weeks in Kochi :) well last couple of days i cudnt blog coz i had gone home..ya home as in my real home, my native place :) we have a humble home there and my parents now live there (ex NRIs)  ! 261 more words


The South of India: Part 1

Hey everyone!

When we arrived to the train station in Mangalore we were completely taken aback; there was very few people there, it was clean and tidy with garbage cans located everywhere, and no one was relieving themselves anywhere within eye sight. 2,751 more words


The 10 KM Challenge

Let me be honest, I never thought I could complete 10 km under 90 minutes. Half of the people in the picture have never walked 10 km in the nearest past.  69 more words