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On This One Trip To Kerala, The Language-Barrier Was Overwhelming

I’ve written a few stories about my trip to Kerala, and I didn’t miss the chance to say that the language barrier was a significant problem for us throughout the trip. 624 more words


Freestyle Football Artists Enthrals Kochi

Aylin Yaren, Kitti Szazs and Agnieszka Mnich, world’s best football artists in town on a special invitation from Apollo Tyres to popularise the sport and engage with enthusiastic fans. 50 more words

Zeba Nazar

Kerala Play

Went to a Keralan folk art play the other night. Interesting, good acting, costumes were wonderful and the makeup was stunning. The audience is allowed to watch as the cast applies its makeup prior to the performance, which is a performance of its own. 81 more words

Ginger Milk Tea

This is the greatest tea ever. Its like a chai, but I believe instead if the 4 spice mix of the chai, it’s made with predominantly only the one spice. 122 more words

Kochi Laundry

I seem to be showing lots of pictures of laundry being done this trip. If your close to a river or stream it just seems that you go to the river and beat the hell out of it. 94 more words

Ulli Vada

After watching the fishermen I noticed a lot of them heading to this stand for breakfast, so of course I headed there. They had several things and I chose the Ulli Vada a kind of savory donut made with lentil/rice flour, green chili, onion mixture and deep fried, served with a spicy chutney. 56 more words

Kochi Fisherman

Arrived in Kochi yesterday from Alleppey about a 2 hour bus trip. We were supposed to take a public bus but they were only partially running, some sort of strike so we booked a private bus. 102 more words