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Interview: Craig McIntosh

“When I made the move from digital to shooting on film I immediately noticed how much it forced me to slow down and actually think about how I wanted to compose the scene or my subject.” 1,402 more words

Film Photography

Inês on 35mm film

Finally got the film developed and scanned. It was with me since January…

Inês (@kalliekalynn)is a local girl I met last year during the 24 Hour Project and we kept in touch. 109 more words


Experiment 1: Exposure Testing

In this experiment, we exposure tested 11 film stocks and Kodak Portra 400 pushed one stop to 800. All of the shots were taken with a Hasselblad 501CM, with a 60mmCB lens. 521 more words

Film Photography

new topographics at the sam.

New Topographics has been a topic I have always been interested in. It deals with Man’s relationship with the landscape and since the 1970s has been a subject for photography. 126 more words


Digital Evolution in Photography

A company that ruled the roost & toppled off the top
Photo source: ExtremeTech

“Change is the only constant”

Greek philosopher Heraclitus

When talking about film photography, there was none that beat Kodak.

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The New Kodak Ektachrome

So the new Ektachrome has been out for quite a while now, but I thought I would give my thoughts on it anyways. I was away when it was released and then had to wait for my local store to get any in stock but it has rarely disappointed and is a beautiful, fine-grained E-6 emulsion. 367 more words

Orion Alexis