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Top five digital camera brands:

Leading five digital camera brands:

Nowadays, people use best digital cameras to preserve their memories and to later share them with everyone. Digital cameras are indeed expensive but they’re surely reliable. 568 more words


I still believe…

I still believe that film is the best medium for black and white. Maybe I’m a luddite. Ironically this was shot on my Leica M9P. However I still shoot film, although at the moment I have a big box in my freezer cozying up to some fish and a couple of frozen Haggises (Or should that be Haggai). 39 more words

Black And White Photography

A stormy day on Hel

Wie die Zeit vergeht. Danzig, letztes Jahr, Sommer. Zwei Stunden braucht die Fähre, quer durch die Danziger Bucht, zur Halbinsel Hel. Das Wetter war schlecht, die See wild und die Fähre leer. 138 more words

Analoge Fotografie

Historic Virginia City

I am pretty much on a budget, and as such I have been using film from Walmart that has been sitting on the shelf for an undetermined amount of time. 82 more words

Happy little accidents

It’s not always going as planned, especially with film photography.

Pentacon Six TL + Carl Zeiss Jena Biometar 2.8/80 MC
Kodak TMax 400 (expired 2003) @ EI 200…

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Canon New Sure Shot

The third version of Canon’s Sure Shot made in in 1983 ($150 USD) was sold as the New Sure Shot in the United States, AF35MII in Europe, and the Autoboy 2 in Japan. 78 more words