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Analogue Tuesdays #22

“I want a cosmic explanation for this.” (Nardin, 2013) 29 more words

Shoot Film

A Day At The Beach

The camera was Kodak; single use and it had painted sunflowers on its back with acrylic colors. I found it on a beach in Vietnam. Even though it had a rugged and vintage-grimed look, as if it might contain the negatives during the war time, this one was a new model, and clearly someone had accidentally dropped it on the beach. 1,740 more words

The Other Colours of Japan

A red umbrella in the snow, frothy green tea next to peach daifuku, the indigo cloth of a noren obscuring the doorway of a dark wooden restaurant. 233 more words

The Haze

I’m here, I walk and I feel, when I get home I look up and find existence. His gaze, his eyes deep as the underworld of Greek novels, full of dangers but exciting, in the end. 66 more words


The Sony A7iii Is Technically Advanced But Hard To Love

My first Minolta 600si was my Dad’s last camera before he passed away.  I inherited it and put in in the very large office closet where all my camera gear is stored.   1,143 more words

Disc cameras

Why would you want your photographic negatives arranged on a little wheel? Seems to make no sense now but in its time, the idea was both ingenious and practical. 295 more words

Photographs And Film