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Rats of the Sky

Got away without getting pooped on. 1 Me, Sky Rats 0. Moo hahahahaha

Kodak smartphone still shooting for photographers | Cult of Mac

A professional photographer shows what he can do with the Kodak Extra smartphone as the legendary brand tries to compete with the iPhone.

Source: Kodak smartphone still shooting for photographers | Cult of Mac


Back to business

Wow. I haven’t posted JACK SHIT since September 2016. I’m not gonna make any promises saying that will change, so I’m not gonna say that. But I do have an update for ya’ll. 84 more words

Is Film Making a Comeback?

I was just talking about this with Jon today and realized that the news release from Kodak is almost 2 weeks old.  Sure, this is old news now…but things in the old days took time to develop.   140 more words


Photo Worthy Mount Wolf

Pennsylvania is full of old, creepy, and awesome places to explore. Some of my latest PA adventures were in Mount Wolf with model, Maria Undead. Anyone looking for good spots for photoshoots or just to explore in Mount Wolf or Pennsylvania, this is for you! 371 more words


Kodak Retina Reflex S re-assembly

A couple of weeks ago I completed the restringing of the exposure meter of my Retina Reflex S which left me with a clean and working shutter and body ready to assemble together again. 708 more words


Back to analog and monochrome

Once in a while I switch to shooting analog and I never regret it. The sheer joy of using a camera like the Olympus OM2-n… 64 more words