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Northwest of 1721's Kodiak

No Lack

On Raspberry Isle
did the bigfoot fight the bear.
With only one arm.

No Smack

The kodiak’s roar
was met with deadly silence. 21 more words


America F*ck Yeah!

This is a GMC c4500 Kodiak Topkick, a vehicle which normally serves as medium-duty truck, but which was also available in the mid 2000s in an enormous, ridiculous, and scarcely believable pick-up truck configuration. 110 more words


Ice Falls

A most fascinating winter sight: Lower Falls ice dam at Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park. Tweeted by the US Department of the Interior, 2/1/17.

The rugged mountains of the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. 26 more words


InfoWars Video: Reptilians Trump & Comet Pumped by Alex Jones, Their Illuminati "Agent In Place" (#Pizzagate)

The Illuminati Card Game is a real Game that members play. There are numerous Earth time loops or “versions of Earth,” the main difference being the order in which the Illuminati Cards are dealt from the deck and played by the members. 659 more words

@FBI UPDATED Pizzagate: Recording Terrorizing a Child IS John Podesta; and Jimmy Comet's "PandaLove" is Code for GANG RAPE Wearing Hockey Masks.

This video below absolutely contains the voice of John Podesta during a Heavy Breathing show. We know this for fact, but also the boy in the video screams his name – “John.” This video is very disturbing and we only want to additionally explain what Podesta means when he says: … 1,293 more words

One of Pizzagate Leader Jimmy Comet's Illuminati Code Names is "China" & Earth is "China's Grove" - Doobie Bros Decoded

One of Illuminati leader Jimmy Comet, aka Kodiak’s Code names is “China.”  This Earth is called “China Grove.” The image above is a radar image of Hurricane Matthew. 2,056 more words

Why's Anthony Bourdain's Movie Trailer Serving Humans? Because Pizzagate Illuminati Players BRAG

We’ve decoded Bourdain before and explained that these Pizza Gators are Illuminati and brag all over media about raping, torturing and consuming children. They are untouchable. 118 more words