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Island Dreams, Kodiak-Style

I was driving into work (yes, driving – my poor bicycle must feel like a neglected pet) grooving to Bob Marley’s “Is This Love… 142 more words

Make a Deal With the Devil: This is an actual contract offer written by the Devil.

Thank you for not killing Hera. That is Satan himself you are defying. This is Kodiak talking in the story below. He is Jimmy Comet, and here he very obviously is offering a  1,331 more words

Huge Waves...

This past weekend, I’ve seen a post about how the waves were huge and they were crashing into Mill Bay beach. The weather had been pretty bad prior to this and it’s still bad. 198 more words


Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Decoding With Pink Floyd. These official video images above are Hera's soul before & after the Greys abducted her.

The Illuminati “Parents” who write these songs are here decoding them with us. They are Pink Floyd. We are distressed that so few of you seem to be listening, or leaving Southern California where the Greys plan to hit first, at any time. 1,719 more words

A Harbor of Lights 

The Kodiak Maritime Museum and Harbor Master puts together an event every year before Christmas day, which they request boats to light up their vessels with Christmas lights and other Christmas relates decorations. 102 more words


Capturing the North & South End Trails

I decided to go take pictures while walking through the North and South End trails on Near Island to see what I can take. The first trail I took was the South End trail, which was a bit muddy and a little slick from the morning frost. 362 more words


Panda Club rapists and torturers choose a new victim among the women blogging about hiking. They can track you. (#Pizzagate #Pedogate #Travelers #Illuminati #PandaClub)

I’ve been explaining the Panda Club of pedofiles and rapists ever since Jimmy Comet’s Instagram was published chalk full of “panda” images and “panda cumhole” references. 144 more words