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I'm not dead ...

Well, if you have been wondering where I’ve been, I apologize. I took a writing vacation and worked on a few things that weren’t related to writing, at least not directly. 258 more words

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Where Wild Things Are

Kodiak Island. Day 5.

My brother and I go fishing this morning in an island mist which quickly turns into a torrential downpour that chills you to the bone. 541 more words


The Fish I Couldn't Snog  

Kodiak Island. Day 3.

Wandering around the volcanic island of Kodiak, I see the oddest sign: “Monashka Bay. Closed to snogging May 1-July 5th.”
What an odd sign. 630 more words


When celery is cloaked with diamonds

Let’s face it, celery is an unappreciated vegetable. A little goes a long way for me. Still, I grow several plants in containers on the deck where it’s convenient to harvest, but mostly to discourage slugs. 248 more words


Outdoor Alaska

Kodiak, Alaska. Day 2.

I am writing from a hammock, enveloped in a plaid blanket, and cradling a spotted red tin teacup. The smell of cinnamon and cloves mingles with the sea salt air as I try to capture the day’s adventures with words. 249 more words


Oh, Kodiak

Kodiak Island, Alaska. Day 0.

After a full day of planes and airports, we finally emerge from the jet and cross a concrete runway to the Kodiak Island airport. 471 more words


Alaska: Wilderness Unbound

Alaska is absurd. Bears, moose, mammoth mountains, soaring pines, jagged peaks, water streaming past boulders, surging down valleys, crashing against sand. We started in South Dakota, attending a wedding in the Black Hills the weekend prior to departure. 2,163 more words