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Kodiak, a little slice of paradise

My friend Liz lived in Kodiak for a while before we met, and always raved about the Emerald Island in Alaska. Before my visit, I knew it was home to huge bears (Kodiak Grizzlies, anyone?) and a Coast Guard base. 177 more words

Illuminati Pizzagate Leaders: "The Wedding is Off" - The Greys (& Reptilians) Call Off Their "Taco Tuesday" Attack on Hera & the Human Race. Their Message Decoded.

Note the image of an Illuminati soap opera character flashing the “Devil’s Horns” hand sign. We recently moved some of our alien attack related decodings up to the front of the blog because we are decoding much more chatter recently about a planned alien attack and we wanted to get your attention. 2,649 more words

Nick Viall's Dad: "Speak of the Devil." Final Notes on the Illuminati & Pizzagate Leader Kodiak's Reign as The Bachelor

The above image of “Lapland” is where The Bachelor shot its final episodes. We’ve posted numerous times already about how Illuminati leader Kodiak, a Grey alien by the way, is posing as Nick Viall on The Bachelor. 1,616 more words

Is the Pizzagate Illuminati Grey who is Jimmy Comet also the Delphi Dad? Is Delphi real or another Sandy Hook? Ask "Steve Barber," making coded threats to us in YT comments about the Delphi murders.

That photo is a “Delphi Dad.”¬†Below are some of the Comments that go with a You Tube video link in this post. If you want to try and figure out Jimmy Comet, or learn to decode him, please see the comments below, or perhaps try questioning him over on You Tube. 7,136 more words

Lizard Eye Video of CNN Reporter: Notable Because Illuminati Leader Anderson "Chicken Coop" Cooper Shows 'Em Too.

This video is too grainy for us to get into a deep analysis about but you can see this female CNN reporter going gonzo, in the lizard sense, for Anderson Cooper. 572 more words

Kodiak Touch Tank

Free touch tank full of Alaskan creatures, like this sea star, anemones, etc.   Fisheries Research Center, across the big bridge from downtown.

Who Is Guy Fieri? He's PIZZAGATE Illuminati Leader Kodiak and "One of Us," says Jimmy Comet. New VICE Article, Decoded

Guy Fieri flashing an “Illuminati eye” by looking through a hollow pitcher. Notice the black glove, which is a message the Illuminati that he is what they call a “surgeon,” a black-magic “Wizard” who cuts humans into pieces and consumes them. 16,885 more words