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Pacific Spaceport Complex Alaska

When the bloodsucker finished leeching me today at the doc’s office, Murphy and I decided to go for a drive out the road. I don’t take as many opportunities to do this as I should. 1,219 more words


30th reunion

It is an odd thing seeing people after 30 years. Hearing their stories, talking about what you remember and what they do. There was a lot of “huh, I don’t remember that” or “that’s not how it happened”. 698 more words


Aghiyuk Island, Semidi Islands, Alaska, USA

We anchored off Aghiyuk Island and took a tender ashore for a couple hours of hiking from the black rock beach up to a couple of saddles in the hills that gave us excellent views of the beach and cliffs on the opposite side of the island.  246 more words

United States Of America

Just a tidbit

Been a bit busy. This weekend is my 30th class reunion for high school. I volunteered to arrange some things. Got us a local bar willing to play 80’s music so we’re having an 80’s theme night. 62 more words

Life Skills

Kodiak, Alaska, July 2017

Kodiak Island was our aim for this summer’s Alaskan voyage, so we’ve spent pretty much all of July here. About half that time has been spent in town for Seth to do his consulting work and for me to do my writing, and the other half we’ve spent sailing. 285 more words

Arctic Voyage

When a bumblebee is caught in the rain

After three days of rain and fog I went out to the garden to inspect the damage. Clumps of parsley, once proud mini-forests, were flattened to the ground. 392 more words


Sian Proctor: A Fast Farewell!, July 22, 2017

NOAA Teacher at Sea

Sian Proctor

Aboard Oscar Dyson


Mission: Gulf of Alaska Pollock Survey

Geographic Area of Cruise: Gulf of Alaska

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NOAA Teacher At Sea