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Illuminati CBS News w/ "A MASON" (Get it?) Calling a HIT on Hera, using Jimmy Comet CLONE Mark Slassmann to do it.

The photos: Left, Mark Slassmann at CBS News, pointing at a girl representing Hera in this news clip below. Middle, Illuminati and Traveler symbol Mickey Mouse from Fantasia, which in their world symbolizes an evil black-magic wizard (such as Illuminati Leader Kodiak), who  2,069 more words

Jimmy Comet, Serving "Chicken Tacos" and "Cheese Pizzas" in Hell: Updated Primer from DC Pizzagate's Blog

Still the best source for Pizzagate information both to learn the basic facts that prompt outrage by any thinking person, and as a resource for further investigation. 11 more words

Backyard Breakfast

There are some things that really love to grow in the Kodiak climate. Salmonberries, blueberries and fireweed are just a few of the native edibles that grow wild on the island. 724 more words

Decoding Illuminati Leader Kodiak Playing Nick The Bachelor: "I'm not from Mars." YES HE IS.

Here’s a Simpsons portrayal of Kodiak, holding a Martini, which is Illuminati Code for Martian (he’s also Kendrick LaMar and Marshall Applewhite, for example, not to mention Jimmy… 639 more words

The above gif of Taco Tuesday is a message that the Greys will attack this Earth sometime in the next 47 days, per their coded conversation on Joe.My.God blog.

“Joe My God” Blog is Another #Pizzagate #Illuminati Player LOOK CLOSELY AT COMMENTS ON THIS BLOG, EVERY POST!

So in starting to look at decoding this message, which is linked within  1,372 more words

VERY IMPORTANT: "Texas Shrugged" on You Tube is THE #Pizzagate #Illuminati Leader (we can't decode right now)

We are alright and have forwarded the links to Texas Shrugged to @FBI via Twitter. In case they don’t get it, feel free to forward it to them again by any other means. 294 more words