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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S04 E12: 'Hot Potato Soup'

The series within a series on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. called LMD is not the first time that acronym has come up. The first time was early on to explain how Agent Coulson survived his apparent death in… 747 more words


Fulfilled Prophecies #16: "The Redcoats are coming, the British are coming!" - We're here!

“The Redcoats are coming! The British are coming! THE BRITISH ARE COMING…the British are coming!”

Thus closed the word Lydia Stanley Marrow delivered under the Lord’s anointing during Shake The Nations’ team introductions at 

631 more words

Isaiah 45, king Cyrus and Donald Trump : plus Obama's P45!

Thank you to Mark Maddock for this contribution and I add some thoughts by Bill Koenig. Many readers are now, I expect, familiar with this scripture, but Mark includes a very good item on Comet P45 – itself a very appropriate reference because UK firms issue Form P45 (pay and tax data) to employees upon cessation of work! 1,827 more words


MenscHHen #2: Der König von Ottensen

Samstag. Spätabends. Der öffentliche Raum in Hamburg friert unter Eis, das sich immer weiter ausbreitet und die Straßen und Gehwege kristallig funkeln lässt. Es ist glatt. 314 more words


The effects upon USA of Obama's UNSC Resolution 2334

The following opinions of some well-informed journalists are presented to draw attention to the profound nature of past and current events relating to and connecting the USA with Israel.: 1,307 more words


BREAKING NEWS: floods and associated 2017 prophetic word

Have just seen breaking news via World Watch Daily of a State of Emergency Declared for the Bay Area, California, as well as in Nevada because of deadly flooding. 294 more words


A new bipartisan move, led by Senators Rubio & Cardin, is underway in Congress to defend Israel against UN Resolution 2334. This is encouraging. Here's the latest.

There is good news to report as 2017 begins.

With Members of Congress back in Washington to begin a new legislative session, a major bipartisan effort is now underway in both chambers to counter  1,757 more words


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Also, this morning’s World Watch Daily covers Sen Rubio and two other Senators' introduction of legislation to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. POTUS Obama has shown his true, contemptible colours over Resolution 2334 by which he descends into obscurity and the ‘peace process’ dooms itself to abject failure.