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Koenig/Glick: Europe's pushing Palestinian state & illegal trade war on Israel

Further to the previous post about political and financial interference in Israeli-Palestinian relations, there’s another aspect to this serious issue – Europe’s illegal BDS campaign (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions) of restricting goods from Israel and the ‘disputed’ (NB: not ‘occupied’) territories. 1,059 more words


Fulfilled prophecies: 4 - Paris pays price, but NOT due to...cont'd

In considering spiritual rather than politico-military reasons for the targeting of France – and now Mali too – I claimed in the previous post that prime verses of scripture as well as contemporaneous prophetical insights reveal the real reason for the massacre of 130 in Paris. 2,752 more words


Why this September is special: Update 1- Judaism

THIS POST MUST BE IMPORTANT in view of today’s extremely ‘buggy’, tediously slow connections with WordPress blogging platform and my PC’s Internet Explorer and its own internal processes!  1,394 more words


Why this September is special - 1: weather & schedule

Readers having a birthday this month already know it’s special :-)  A couple of weeks ago after reading Economic crises as Shemitah year draws to a close… 1,987 more words


1982 Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer 512i

The Ferrari BB 512i was to be the last of the popular BB 512 (Berlinetta Boxer) models,

143 more words

Posing Lion | Posierender Löwe

Whenever I see a lion I know why they are called “king”. Not only the male also the female look very majestically and noble.

Immer wenn ich einen Löwen sehe, weiß ich, wieso man sie “König” nennt. 18 more words

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Economic crises as Shemitah year draws to a close - updated

What do economists and accountants have in common with prophetic and messianic Christians?

Both acknowledge the likelihood of global upheavals if not severe financial disruption in the next couple of months. 705 more words