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How did a Russian get aboard the USS Enterprise?

Star Trek: The Original Series was an early attempt at a diverse cast that would speak to Earth and humanity reaching a peaceful resolution of its many problems before heading to the stars. 353 more words

Joe Public 1 : Prime Minister 0

Couldn’t miss this banner headline in the news-stand’s array of today’s newspapers:


And that conservative-leaning paper’s editorial: The PM is facing a popular mutiny…

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Grandma Norma

Norma Jean. Grandma Norma. I don’t know where to begin with this woman. I credit her for teaching me piano lessons and for inspiring a love of genealogy. 632 more words

Writing game 13

Writing game 13

Thoughts on writing.

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Writing is something I guess a lot of people aspire to do. This being professionally that is. But why does everyone think they have a story to tell? 485 more words

Writing game 12a

So, I did the one of the things that you’re not supposed to do when attending an institute of higher education, which I guess I am, I went on Wikipedia seeking knowledge about hypertexts. 272 more words

Mueller-Koenig (with a Kunegunda connection)

Right after the Civil War, Caroline (Franke) Mueller gave birth to a son, Gottfried Adolph, on April 7, 1866 in Uniontown, Missouri.  The father was Christoph Mueller. 90 more words

Writing game 11

Today we had our first encounter. Yesterday,

We were common strangers. And tomorrow morning,

We shall be more than strangers. But today,

Today we have our first encounter. 244 more words