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Clarification of 'redcoats' photo and wise reaction to US election

Having voted ‘Yes’ in the referendum to join the Common Market but soon finding it was a con-trick, and living for 40 years under its increasing totalitarianism and confirmation we were bamboozled into it, I regret that personal act of globalist altruism – but I’ve now done my bit in rectifying that juvenile folly. 1,120 more words


Update on DeCeit in Washington DC

In Monday’ morning’s newsmix on Iran I listed a few recent items exposing the duplicity of the US Administration, re. my earlier supposition that exposing rotten politics in UK, EU and USA… 135 more words


Monday morning newsmix: Iran - exposure of deceit...

One of my browser’s home page tabs covers World Watch Daily and after a weekend offline, except for the vital Vision Over Britain, I find these chronological headlines since Thursday: 219 more words


How did a Russian get aboard the USS Enterprise?

Star Trek: The Original Series was an early attempt at a diverse cast that would speak to Earth and humanity reaching a peaceful resolution of its many problems before heading to the stars. 353 more words

Joe Public 1 : Prime Minister 0

Couldn’t miss this banner headline in the news-stand’s array of today’s newspapers:


And that conservative-leaning paper’s editorial: The PM is facing a popular mutiny…

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Grandma Norma

Norma Jean. Grandma Norma. I don’t know where to begin with this woman. I credit her for teaching me piano lessons and for inspiring a love of genealogy. 632 more words

Writing game 13

Writing game 13

Thoughts on writing.

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Writing is something I guess a lot of people aspire to do. This being professionally that is. But why does everyone think they have a story to tell? 485 more words