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Robbie - #58

Robbie -  The gasp, the dropped jaws, the disbelieving laughter of seeing something impossible happen before your eyes. Finding yourself in these most magical moments and the grateful feeling of being their to witness them and hoping that someday you’ll be able to re-tell these tales as stories on the rocking chair, spreading the magic to young ears whose eyes never got to see these moment happen.



Last week I spent every minute in my car listening to a podcast called Serial.

Serial is the story of a murder which occurred 15 years ago in Baltimore.  819 more words

Prophecies fulfilled 3 cont'd - Revival to re-visit USA

The prophet Habakkuk had a burden and complained of current events to the Lord, who answered him at Hab 1. The prophet asked another question and wrote: 3,244 more words


How Radio History Hinted at the Conclusion of Serial

Warning: spoilers follow for the end of the first season of Serial

The true-crime podcast Serial, which published its season finale Thursday morning, may be a 2014 phenomenon — but, though the 12-episodes-one-story format may have been new for that style of podcast, it’s actually one of the oldest tricks in the radio book. 493 more words

Murder is in the details

Serial is the most successful podcast around these days. At its core, it’s about the 1999 death of a Baltimore County high school student called Hae Min Lee, about her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed, who is serving life in prison, and about Jay, the guy who testified in court that it was Adnan who killed Hae. 357 more words

Adam Lanza was illegally Prescribed Celexa By Yale child study center Connecticut Psychiatry services Whilst still a minor

Adam Lanza was illegally Prescribed Celexa By Yale child study Connecticut Psychiatry services Whilst still a minor

Koenig is guilty of Endangering a child with an illegal drug… 543 more words

Adam Lanza

Serial: An Examination of the Prosecution's Evidence Against Adnan Syed

In previous posts, I’ve dissected both Adnan’s cell phone records and also Jay’s statements to the police and his testimony at trial. This post, rather than focusing on any single piece of the state’s case, is an attempt to assemble and review all available evidence that supports the state’s case against Adnan. 17,867 more words

Serial: Blogging About A Podcast