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The Koenig Family Spent Many Years Abroad

My grandmother Hildegard Paul (b. Koenig)  and her two older sisters, Editha and Käthe and an older brother Robert spend much of their childhood abroad. Another sister died young while the family was living in Zanzibar off Africa’s east coast. 446 more words

My Favourite 3 Words from 'The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows'

‘What is ‘The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows’?’ I hear you ask me.

Well, my Padawan, it’s a collection (or compendium as he describes it) of words and phrases that have been invented by John Koenig to give name to emotions we all experience, but don’t yet have a name for. 689 more words

As Playthings of an Unknown Will

Les Saltimbanques (The Acrobats), Pablo Picasso, 1905

The Fifth Elegy is largely inspired by this Pablo Picasso‘s Rose Period painting, in which Picasso depicts six figures pictured “in the middle of a desert landscape and it is impossible to say whether they are arriving or departing, beginning or ending their performance.” Rilke depicted the six artists about to begin their performance, and that they were used as a symbol of “human activity … always travelling and with no fixed abode, they are even a shade more fleeting than the rest of us, whose fleetingness was lamented.” Further, Rilke in the poem described these figures as standing on a “threadbare carpet” to suggest “the ultimate loneliness and isolation of Man in this incomprehensible world, practicing their profession from childhood to death as playthings of an unknown will … before their ‘pure too-little’ had passed into ’empty too-much.'” 631 more words


The Pope, Palestine and "an angel of peace".

This post serves to clarify, and hopefully answer, a most objectionable remark reputed to have been made by the Pope in describing the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as “An angel of peace”. 821 more words


George Washington's warning to modern Washington

Last weekend author Jonathan Cahn came to my attention in connection with an event  a week ago today in Washington, Wednesday 29 April.

And it so happens to involve someone whose work I’d been revisiting that same day in preparing changes to this blog’s menu – … 923 more words


'God-incidents' validate cycles and point to the near future - 1

THE ‘INVISIBLE JIGSAW’ RE-APPEARS! It never vanishes. It rolls around and releases fresh, visible pieces for us to fit into place. The emerging picture ‘connects the dots’ of not only Kingdom influences but also a new chain of ‘coincidences’. 1,409 more words


Richard Koenig

Born in 1960, Richard Koenig received his BFA from Pratt Institute. In 1998 he received his MFA from Indiana University and began teaching art and photography courses at Kalamazoo College, Michigan. 60 more words