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July 2016 (1-10)

1. Dean Ambrose (Smackdown)          ( ◄ ► )

4W 1L 1DQ

Dean Ambrose was the first draft from Smackdown. He beat Seth Rollins on the first Smackdown Live to retain his title and he also defended it successfully at the Battleground PPV against Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. 432 more words

June 2016 (1-10)

1. Dean Ambrose (WWE)                      (▲ 2 )

6W 1L 0DQ

Dean Ambrose won the WWE World Heavyweight champion when he cashed his “Money in the Bank” briefcase the same day he won it. 476 more words

Kingston vs. Big E in Best of 3

UFC 2: Kofi Kingston vs. Big E Best-of-3 Round 2 Part 1 — Gamer Gauntlet

A special three-round Gamer Gauntlet to determine which of Austin Creed’s New Day compatriots is better continues! 42 more words


Big Show Says He Told Kofi The New Day Gimmick Would "Kill His Career"

Big Show held a couple of Money in the Bank media appearance and Q&A session in Sacramento, California, where he said that he warned Kofi Kingston not to do The New Day gimmick as “it could kill his career.” 31 more words

Wrestling News And Events

May 2016 (1-10)

1. Roman Reigns (WWE)                      ( ◄ ► )

4W 1L 2DQ

Roman Reigns successfully defended his WWE World Heavyweight Title against AJ Styles twice this month. 459 more words

May 2016 Update

Wrestling Update for 5/31/2016

Top 50 Wrestlers

1. Kofi Kingston
World Heavyweight champion
2. Tracey Smothers
Intercontinental champion
3. Sam Johnston
4. Consequences Creed
North American Heavyweight champion… 902 more words