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CrossOver Healthcare Ministries honors Douglas Johnson.

Story by Beth Bayless. Photos by Susan Brown.

There is an old saying, “Your actions speak so loudly that I can’t hear what you are saying.” 490 more words

FBC Family

How to Keep on Living the Good and Beautiful Life

By Jim Somerville.

During the Season of Lent, the members and friends of Richmond’s First Baptist Church studied a book called The Good and Beautiful Life… 425 more words


A Good and Beautiful Year

Story by Jim Somerville. Photo by Sean Lumsden-Cook.

For years I’ve been looking for a way to harmonize the good news of the coming Kingdom, so prevalent in Matthew, Mark, and Luke, with the good news of eternal life, so prevalent in John. 340 more words


Christmas outside FBC

Story by Susan Beach. Photos by Susan Brown and Mary Palmer.

When you say “Christmas,” members of Richmond’s First Baptist Church think of many things – hoping no one will drop a wreath during Hanging of the Green, humming along at the choir concerts, making gingerbread houses and eating the remnants, wondering who will be Baby Jesus in the Youth Christmas Pageant. 176 more words


The bold are determined to succeed.

  Story by Julie Pierce.

FBC has brought heaven to earth in many ways. One at the top of the list is its recent work with New Americans, led from 2009 to 2013 by Warren and Julie Pierce. 820 more words


Taking Action at Rudd's Trailer Park

by Nicole Zingaro

In October of 2012, during KOH2RVA, Jim Somerville mentioned a tour taken by our church staff and volunteers to Rudd’s Trailer Park in Richmond. 834 more words