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Pastured Pork and Pig Tilling (part 3) July 25, 2011

After 10 days in the first lot, the pigs have rooted, flipped, trampled, and crapped on every last piece of sod in the place.  It really does look like a pigsty in there.  244 more words


Killer Tiller: May 20, 2010

The BCS tiller rocks.  I staked out our garden -eight 24×24’ beds.  The last two beds are actually single patch that we’ll put in open-pollen field corn for chickens, pigs, as well as an ongoing experiment in making homemade polenta.  84 more words


Walk Behind (the) Tractor?: May 19, 2010

Lawn care alone added two engines to the garage.  That’s only the beginning.  Since I don’t own the place, I can’t turn a flat section of the purposeless lawn into garden.   340 more words