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Fall Miso

The ground is frozen now, and it’s time to get into miso making.

Ecologically grown swedish soybeans, seasalt and rice koji I saved from spring. … 42 more words


Last market?

They are predicting snow for next saturday, so this may be the last market for this year.

Not many vegetables left.
Then it’s time for helping with the Christmas Smörgåsbords at Djurby Farm where we live, and then also time for making miso and koji, skiing and other winter activies. 22 more words


LEAP Koji Account Registrations are Open

Greetings everyone.

For the folks who have been using LEAP and have been wanting to build their own packages for the distribution, the wait for that ability is nearing a close. 121 more words

Peach Palm Miso Tasting.

About two months ago, we had so much peach palm (pejibaye) that we had to think of different preservation methods for it.

We cooked the fruit and the put it through the meat grinder with rice koji to make peach palm miso. 95 more words


Koji Sushi Bar

When Wolls first tried Koji Sushi Bar, they had newly opened and she was won over by both their (very good) Chirashi dons which come with a brown rice option (Wolls is predisposed towards brown rice) as well as their omakase sets (which, at that time, was at $85++). 516 more words


Kyoto | Ramen Koji

Kyoto-ramen-koji at Kyoto Station 10th Floor


Shio Koji Pickles

It’s interesting to me that all cultures seem to have types of fermented and pickled foods – sauerkraut, kimchi, bread and butter pickles, pickled beets, pickled eggs, kefir, kombucha, etc., etc., etc. 317 more words

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