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Corn Koji

Corn in the process of being inoculated with Aspergillus oryzae or koji (こうじー麹) It’s a pretty high maintenance process. The corn is not nixtamalized for this go around.  183 more words


Herb miso

I still have s couple of batches of miso to make before summer. Today it was an herb miso. Soybeans, rice koji, salt, garlic, thyme, oregano and basil.

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Make Your Own Sake!

Koji (ie. Koji Kin, ie. Aspergillus oryzae) is a fungus (mold) used to saccharify rice for the making of sake.

Koji Kin is now available at Barley’s! 41 more words

Barley's Homebrewing Supplies

Followup on UNDEUX's "missing" vocalist.

Here is a followup on the drama concerning UNDEUX’s “missing” vocalist Riku. The band lost contact with him a month ago but noted that he ordered pizza via their chat system. 1,775 more words


Last batch of koji

The last batch of koji for this year is put out to dry.

I’ve gone through about 15 kilos barley, 10 kilos rye, and 16 kilos of rice turning it into koji. 51 more words


Ugly koji miso

A couple weeks ago I reported on a koji that turned ugly, but not not bad. It had a good smell and taste. So now I made a miso with it to test it’s enzyme power, using the standard recipe. 43 more words

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UNDEUX have lost contact with their vocalist.

UNDEUX have lost contact with vocalist Riku since February. They have sent him messages via LiNE which he has read but not answered. Since he recently ordered pizza via their chat system, they assume that Riku is OK though. 569 more words