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Essentials: "Honest" - Koji.

This may come off as a bit shady, but I think Abhi//Dijon is better remixed; Sángo’s remix of “Wait” already convinced me and now Koji. 140 more words


11 Healthy Food Trends 2016

Put your stretchy pants in storage until next winter: The new year’s coolest trends also happen to be among its healthiest. From turmeric-everything to seriously upgraded oatmeal, these are the ingredients, products, and people redefining what healthy looks like in 2016.



Koji harvest

This years first koji batch is ready after 2 days in the incubator.

The whole house smells of barley koji now.
Spread out
Up on the warm water pipes to dry. 15 more words

Food Processing

Koji time

I’ve got the incubator plugged in, and the first batch of barley is steam cooked and inoculated with tane koji.

Koji making season has started.

Food Processing

Last miso

A Dark Rice Miso
The last miso for this season is a rice miso. It uses the typical polished rice koji, but this time the koji was made using barley koji stater (tane koji). 51 more words

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Koji Eyelash Curler no.73

Good Afternoon everyone.
This time the review will be one of make up tools, it’s an eyelash curler named Koji. Yeap, it is under the same management with brand of Dolly Wink here, and also Masami Shouko brushes, they are under one management of Kay Collection. 205 more words



I have three small bags of koji left from last years koji production.

From right to left; brown rice koji, barley koji and white rice koji, where I used barley koji starter. 94 more words

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