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Miso Madness V...The Next Generation.

On this day the Miso Mission has been accomplished.  The rice koji was ready and properly colonised and both of us were in the right frame of mind, with only a mild attack of filibustering on Munchkin’s part (she had very specific plans as to what she expected to do this morning), to tackle the mountain of beans and gallons of purple-black bean juice (from boiling said beans) required for the making of our Belizean-Style Black Bean Shinshu Miso. 595 more words


Day Four of Miso Madness.

It is hot yet again, slightly more humid though, perhaps.  Munchkin is keeping herself busy and has left me to my own devices.  I was excited that today was THE day for transformation of the rice koji into miso; afterall, we did soak black beans in preparation and the big pressure cooker was cleaned and readied for action.   359 more words


(Summer!) Miso Madness III.

It continues to be hot, dusty and windy…in Sardinia we would say that we are afflicted with scirocco, that wind that comes from the Sahara and North Africa…it feels very similar and makes one feel terribly miserable.   278 more words


Miso Madness II.

Cor blimey it’s a scorcher today!  I suddenly feel very relieved that I am on restricted duties.  The sun is blazing down, the earth is developing big cracks and the ducks, who normally can’t be bothered to walk the two hundred metres to the pond actually went for a dip to cool off and clean up. 171 more words


Gnome and Miso Madness!

It is day three of the enforced ban on heavy work.  Very bad headache yesterday (Tumulkin Day) but fortunately today there have been no problems…just a gnawing inner feeling that the brush really, really does need to be cleared since it is perfect dry season weather for it.   250 more words



Amazake – a slightly sweet beverage made with rice – is one of the most well-known of fermented food products enjoyed by Japanese. Originally consumed as a way to ward off fatigue in the dog days of summer, amazake is now available year-round in supermarkets. 473 more words