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Tales of the Cocktail: Spotlight on Shochu

Shochu expert Stephen Lyman of Kampai.us brings us up to date on the Japanese spirit’s expanding presence in the U.S. market. Apologies for some of the audio on this one.

Berry Veggie Popsicle

Did I mention we eat a lot of popsicles? We’re definitely on a popsicle kick with this heat! The cub helped Grandma DiDi create the perfect berry (with greens) popsicle. 268 more words


Koji - A Magic Ingredient

Rice germinated with Koji fungus for Sake brewing

Koji rice

The term “Koji” can refer to the “Koji-kin” fungus which is sprinkled onto rice and propagated or the resulting “Koji-mai” the “Koji rice” which is the resulting saccharified rice from this propagation as the fungus breaks down the starches in the rice into the smaller sugars.   293 more words


Making koji-kin and tane koji - Part 1

We’ve gotten so many requests form videos and pictorials on how to make koji-kin (こうじ) and tane-koji that we are trying out this format. Unless people either follow us here or like the first post we’ll stop. 11 more words



Last summer, I was living communally in Pennsylvania. There was a plethora of farmers markets everywhere I looked, so naturally, I befriended a mushroom farmer. Every few weeks he brought me a new variety of mushroom. 517 more words


Miso Making with 麹

So we finally got some assistance on our three most important projects! The researching, writing and publishing of our first three books: Sour Russian, … 216 more words


Eagle Island is an amazing game!

So here I want to get more in depth into what I really think about this Demo that was provided by the creator Pixelnicks.

Eagle Island is a great platformer game where you play a character named Quill that has a owl companion named Koji. 327 more words

Avian Game