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Barley miso

The soybeans were soaked, boiled, then ground and mixed with barley koji and salt.

1 kilo of soybeans, 1 kilo of barley koji and 460 grams of seasalt make: 9 more words


Koji storage

I’m done making barley koji for this season. 8 kilos should be enough with plenty to sell.

Now to make as much rice and specialty koji and some more miso.


Introducing: Koji.

Koji. is an up-and-coming producer from New Zealand who dabbles in blissed-out beats and serene synths. He has almost 10,000 followers on his SoundCloud, and is quickly rising. 113 more words

Artist Intelligence Agency

Looking good

The mold (Aspergillus oryzae) is growing great with 12 hours left to go.

6 more words


[Review] Koji: Dolly Wink Eyelashes by Tsubasa Masuwaka

Heya! This is really my first time ever to write a review about a beauty product (is it called so?) so pardon me about bad quality photos, unspecific details, flaw model and so on. 747 more words


More barley koji

Finally I have time to get back into koji making – starting out with a last batch of barley koji (for this year).

Rinse and soak ca 8 hours


kimchi fail so let me try amazake instead

It’s hard to see, but the radishes in my dongchimi had some color change. ¬†Everything smelled fine, but I wasn’t convinced so I didn’t eat it. 249 more words