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Koji ambrosia

First make amazake. Boil brown rice with no salt until soft and gooey. Add rice koji. Mix and keep warm, 50 – 60 degrees C for about 12 hours. 94 more words


Another blogger

It’s always fun (and a bit surprising) to meet other east asian food enthusiasts. Tobias Gerdin and Tomoko Ogawa were here a few days ago to see my koji making set up. 59 more words


Asahi thirsty for more overseas deals after SABMiller purchases

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

Asahi Group Holdings Ltd wants to grow its overseas business to about a third of sales with more acquisitions after agreeing to buy about US$11 billion of SABMiller Plc’s brands as Japan’s largest brewer seeks to offset a falling beer market at home. 561 more words

Money Matters


The journalist that was here a couple of weeks ago, Hanna Dahlström, has published her article about koji and tempeh or mold in food production. It’s in swedish.

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Koji — the Biggest Food Trend of 2017?

Story at-a-glance –

  • Optimizing your gut health with fermented and fiber-rich foods is a foundational step if you seek to achieve good health. Addressing your gut flora is also important for most health conditions, be they acute or chronic…
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I keep things pretty clean when making koji, but I don’t sterilize like one would do in laboratory conditions. The mold grows strong and keeps competitors from establishing. 122 more words



While the koji mold is growing for 2 days, I take the trays out twice a day in order to mix the grain around. This incorporates air into the mix and redistributes the grain, as some of it may have dried out a little bit too much and some may be too damp. 41 more words