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Emoji Mania: Dogging Me Relentlessly...

I think I’ve cracked the code for FaceBook emoji stickers, doggie ones, that is: Mugsy is Muslim, sensitive about his dark skin, good-natured but quick to anger.   53 more words

The Immutable 'Koko' Business

It was 6:30 am on Tuesday, and Accra was beginning to shake itself from its slumber and dive into another day of work. My mum and I were on our way to our tailor to pick up some clothes. 346 more words


Between rain showers at Subiaco Common

Monday afternoon Dumpling and I had a bit of a tiff. He kept trying to borrow my little orange toy but I was being very possessive and gave him a hard time. 81 more words



As the Adele and Daughter comparisons come flooding in, 20-year-old singer-songwriter Rebecca Clements is vastly becoming one of the UK’s most exciting new artists. Her music conveys both youthful vulnerability and a wiseness that’s beyond her years which is echoed through the simplicity of her soft vocals, gentle guitar picking and honest lyrics. 39 more words


Local boys The Rifles play sellout show in Camden

Having lived in Chingford since I was a little nipper, I am well aware of the home-grown talent that my hometown has produced. Football legends Teddy Sheringham and the mighty ‘Golden Balls’ himself David Beckham hail from the North East London suburb, but as far as musicians are concerned we’ve had, erm, Blazin’ Squad – remember those lovable chavs? 535 more words


Koko's kitten

If you don’t know the true story of Koko’s the gorilla, this book is a must. It’s beautifully written and left us all wishing we had Koko’s touch our lives. 6 more words

Adventures In Everyday Life

JD McPherson at Koko

Another Koko shoot. I have a real fondness for Rock and Roll. You know, the real thing, rhythm and blues, rockabilly, the one that knows its past and isn’t a cheesy pastiche. 113 more words