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Description From Photographer if Any:

A Golden Plover at sunset on Anaehoomalu Bay on the island of Hawaii. 119 more words


Apapane flourishing, 1939.

Hawaiian Birds

We received word from the news released by the Hui Manuihi [?? Audubon Society ??] that there are now at Kilauea many apapane birds, and it is the one bird that is most widespread there. 218 more words

Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge, Maui

This beautiful conservation refuge is 704 acres of stunning protected wetland in the Hawaiian archipelago, great for birdwatching and enjoying Maui’s natural beauty. Just outside of Kihei where we were staying, it was a mere 5 miles from our condo. 215 more words


Seasons and Writing and Birds Come and Go.

I was in search of a story today, so I went on a walk.

Since you cannot lace up your athletic shoes at my house without this one giving you the eye, I happily said, “Wanna go for a ride,” and Lulu darted out the door. 607 more words

Concerning the Drops

Concerning the Drops


I could sit quiet or lie

were it not for the arrow of retrospect.

The declaration in the sentence

was tidy enough… 22 more words



The jabberwocky knew

of a time

when the pitter patter of rain drops

on the roof

outside the window

wouldn’t stop her

from escaping

into the cold black night… 74 more words