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Where is the userChrome.css found for Komodo IDE 8.5? Right here :)

Here’s where my userChrome.css is located.

I had to create the ‘Chrome’ folder under XRE and place the userChrome.css file into it.

/Users/MyUser/Library/Application Support/KomodoIDE/8.5/XRE/Chrome

If you need a userChrome.css file I went ahead and dropped my copy into a quick share for you. 46 more words

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Tips for Komodo IDE 8.5

So… My guess is you’ve got the new Komodo IDE 8.5

First!  Congrats!  It’s one of the best editors you can use.

If you’ve arrived here you are probably looking for ways to tweak out the configs of the app so it looks and feels just the way you want it.   18 more words

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Debugging - Komodo IDE vs WingIDE vs PyScripter

I just added the following update to the section titled “Komodo vs PyScripter vs WingIDE – Running and Debugging” of my recent post titled “Komodo Edit vs Komodo IDE vs WingIDE vs PyScripter”: 300 more words


Komodo Edit vs Komodo IDE vs WingIDE vs PyScripter

Komodo Edit vs Komodo IDE

Komodo Edit is an free dynamic language editor put out by Active State, while Komodo IDE is Active State’s commercial dynamic language IDE. 693 more words