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Kona Brewing Company Longboard Island Lager

Aloha! E Komo Mai to The Intoxicated Review! Keaka (Jack) writing to you today from the island of Kaua’i in Hawaii. Today’s beer selection will focus on Kona Brewing Company’s Longboard Island Lager. 267 more words


Kona Brewing Company Gold Cliff IPA

Aloha! Welina Hou readers! Jack from The Intoxicated Review writing today about another fantastic beer from one of my most favorite breweries around…Kona Brewing Company. Today’s review comes to you once again from the island of Kauai on the Hawaiian Island chain. 261 more words


Kona Brewing Company Kua Bay IPA

Aloha readers! And Welina Hou to The Intoxicated Review! Jack writing in today from the Hawaiian Island of Kauai. What better way to enjoy Thirsty Thursday than with a great tasting Hawaiian beer made right here in the islands. 302 more words


Aloha Hawaii

At the start of 2018, one of my travel goals was to finally make it out to Hawaii. From the East Coast, it had always been easier to go to Europe or the Caribbean, but now that I live out in California, I really don’t have much of an excuse. 279 more words


Kona Brewing Company Castaway IPA

Welina Hou Hoa! (Welcome back friends). Jack from The Intoxicated Review writing to you today about another amazing beer from our aloha beer buddies at Kona Brewing Company. 306 more words


Kona Big Wave Golden Ale Review

Kona Brewing Company was founded back in 1994 but it has really expanded in the last few years with their beer being distributed all over the United States. 305 more words

Kona Brewing Company - Big Wave

I mentioned to my wife the other day how I had been feeling a bit burnt out on reviewing beer but really into just sitting outside on Saturdays and reading with a beverage by my side.   280 more words