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Big Island, Toddler Style: Part I - Kona - March 2018

Ahhhhh Hawaii. Dreams of vacation with my lover, hikes to majestic mountain tops, kayaking the coast and night dives immediately come to mind. LOL – Not this trip. 1,306 more words


Ten is the Luckiest Number

I love slipping into a house and a space created by a stranger. Designed as a special retreat, the best ones are furnished in a way that reflects the locale, the natural surroundings and the general vibe of the environment. 1,077 more words


Hawai’i: You’ve got to Want It.

It’s an uneasy beauty that’s carved out of the remnants of hot oozing lava. The black plains around me are filled with both the smooth, ropey pahoehoe and the rough & tumble broken chunks and boulders of a’a lava. 790 more words


2018 Hyundai Kona


The Kona is a not only a brand new Car from Hyundai but is also their first Compact Utility Vehicle (CUV). The Kona also brings about a brand new design language which Hyundai will be implementing on all their new SUVs. 166 more words


Walking in Pele’s Shadow

The first time I came to Kona I peered out the window of the airplane just as it rounded Upolu Point. I glanced out the window, ready to take in the full view of “Hawaii” and was ready to be amazed. 158 more words


7 Tips for Travel from The Midwest to Hawaii

We made it! We have always wanted to go to Hawaii but we never thought we actually would. I’ll be doing a series of posts on our trip. 1,021 more words


Pet First Aid with Arden Moore

Editor’s Note: This news story was written for my Media Writing class at Southeast Community College and so it has a different style than my regular articles. 1,130 more words

Lincoln Animal Ambassadors