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The Emma Hartman Story

They filed in one by one with their little shoes she sometimes liked to pretend they were droids; small creatures with small hands that asked curious questions. 859 more words

Update from Hawaii

I can’t believe Kona week is actually over and now we’re in Kauai relaxing and celebrating the end of the 2017 season. The race itself was rough for everyone I think, Nate included. 252 more words


Kona 2017 recap

Time flies… I have been into triathlon for the best part of the last 12 years or so. I did my 1st Kona in 2009… 735 more words


In. Hawaii very accidentally

No no no, I didn’t win a lottery. I was a lil bit dizzy (can’t tell the truth cause my parents are reading) celebrating new years when I bought the ticket. 563 more words

Senseo Machine & Pods

It’s nothing new that I can’t live without my daily cup of coffee, my husband constantly tells me I have an addiction. This post will be exclusively dedicated to the only coffee machine that I truly can’t go a day without. 158 more words


Kona 2017. Race day.

Hainbeste itxoiten egondako eguna, egun haundia, ametsa egia bihurtzeko momentua.

Eguna oso goizetik hasi da, goizeko 3etan jeikita. Ez da giro karrera aurretik, nerbioak, ezinegona… Goizeko prestaketak egin, gorputzari kontra eginda zeozer jan eta irteerara joan gara. 349 more words


Kailua-Kona: More than Beach Life

… and back to where we started. It’s nearly the end of our time in Hawaii, and since we felt a bit worried we might miss our flight (and with it, two connecting flights) , we decided to spend our last day in Kailua-Kona. 1,115 more words