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China in Americans' minds

There are a thousand China in a thousand people’s eyes. What Chinese people think about the outsiders opinion to us can be totally different with the real Western minds. 779 more words


Cooking 'kungfu'

Cooking kungfu in 3 levels:

Level 1 (Beginner): follow recipe step-by-step.

Level 2: (Intermediate): still use recipe as guideline but try variations.  eg. No ingredient like asparagus, replace with chinese cabbage. 64 more words


A Funny Old Story – Review of Kongfu Panda

The name of Kung Fu Panda is Po. He is a sweet but clumsy and fat Panda, but he has a great dream – save the world! 267 more words

Experimental Animation - Stormen

Stormen is an experimental animation. I made it back in  2008 when I was an MA Animation student. In this project, I tried to combine character and movement together, and draw “speed”.   77 more words

Sleeping Dogs

I love this game. I mean it wasn’t the best game ever, it was one of the more solid open-world/sandbox games I have ever played. It had great gameplay and controls, a really well told and well written story, pretty great graphics, and, something that a lot of sandbox games have trouble with, a world that feels alive. 737 more words


Buy 9 Section Sectional Steel Whip Chain Chinese Kongfu Martial Arts Weapon

Buy 9 Section Sectional Steel Whip Chain Chinese Kongfu Martial Arts Weapon

– Made of special steel material- A traditional Chinese martial arts weapon- Often hidden under the sash or in an inside pocket, used as a secondary or back up weapon- A great collection for any martial artists… 35 more words


Incredible thing and inconceivable person

Fast bicycle,or slow motorcycle?

How will the owner move his car?

Oh my god!

In fact,there are 14 pictures in Incredible thing and inconceivable person… 7 more words