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Konmari-ing for the second time

So before I started my Masters I cleared out a load of things. I went through clothes, papers, books, random things and sentimental items in my room that had built up since I was a kid. 879 more words

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Finance Friday: My top 5 selling apps

You’re inspired by Marie Kondo and you’re ready to donate half of your house. Me too! Less stuff means less to clean, less anxiety, and possibly a little extra cash this weekend. 338 more words


However paradoxical it may sound, considering the late 90’s boom of technology and science, at the same time I believe that our world is slowly beginning to move back to simplicity and minimalism. 548 more words


think beyond tidying up

People always ask me what I think about Marie Kondo and her book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” If you’re not familiar with her book, TV show, or many, many appearances online and elsewhere, she proposes decluttering by letting go of items that do not “spark joy.” And she’s sweet and lovely, and her voice is soooo relaxing and compelling! 391 more words


Marie Kondo for kids: tidying guru brings out guides for teens and pre-schoolers — The Telegraph

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— by Anita Singh: If your child’s messy bedroom leaves you in despair, help is at hand. Marie Kondo, the world-famous tidying guru, is turning her attention to younger members of the family. 33 more words


The Life-Changing Magick of Letting Go (Part 1)

Why “letting go” and not “tidying up?” because to me tidying up means running around putting stuff in its place, but what I need, and a lot of us need is to let go of a lot of stuff. 395 more words

The KonMari Craze

Working on getting rid of the old, and spending less. Little by little. I think I’m obsessed but anyway way overdue post I’ve been doing this for 2 years now. 200 more words