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KONY, KONY , KONY , do you even know who he is? Keep reading, and maybe you’ll find out more.
KONY is a person he is not an organization, KONY was found in Africa, he had been abusing children and women for the past 7-9 years. 348 more words


Kony 2012 Creator Arrested For Masturbating In Public

The creator of Kony 2012 Jason Russell, has been arrested for masturbating in public.

San Diego Police Department Lieutenant Andrea Brown told NBC that Jason Russell was found masturbating in public… 213 more words

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Information Kony 2012 Doesn't Want You To Know

The clip from Infowars is excellent information which those who created Kony 2012 do not want you to know.

Since the propaganda broke last week and we helped expose it as being a fraud, it has been used to create  43 more words

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Ugandans Do Not Support Invisible Children Or Kony 2012 Propaganda

Despite people in the west being naive enough to buy into the propaganda behind Kony 2012, it appears Ugandans are far smarter than those who think they can save them. 206 more words

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Joseph Kony Resolution To Invade Africa

Despite Invisible Children and Kony 2012 being exposed for being corrupt and untrustworthy, a resolution is being introduced which could start an African invasion. 233 more words

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We love to love KONY 2012

In a mere 6 days, the KONY 2012 video has gone viral and amassed more than 71 million views on Youtube. For reference, that’s a lot shorter than it took Gaga’s “Bad Romance” — which is the 4th most viewed Youtube video of all time — to reach the same number of views. 627 more words


Invisible Children Admit Criticisms And Make Excuses

After Kony 2012 went viral, many people including ourselves at World Under Control pointed out many problems with the charity which created the film and reasons not to trust them. 504 more words

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