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Women Rights…. And Human Rights

If a question was asked; Is women rights part of human rights?

You would think, is that a trick question. Of course, women rights are part of human rights. 250 more words

Power Of Hashtag

The Power of #, #Kony2012

Twitter is a powerful social media platform. It’s a place where anyone can express their thoughts, on various issues. But how effective is social media? 500 more words

Power Of Hashtag

Lack of Leadership and Tangible Change: An Affirmative View

The #Kony2012 campaign was released by Invisible Children in early March of 2012. #Kony2012 was a strategically thought out operation using various forms of promotions and persuasive actions. 486 more words


Clicktivism in Youth: A Refutation

In the article titled “Kony 2012 Shows The Power Of Youth And Social Media,” author Iman Baghai explores the idea that social media in the #Kony2012 campaign helped propel the cause forward. 376 more words


"A Rational Fear: Clicktivism"

Patrick Magee takes a satirical approach on clicktivism. He puts clicktivism into perspective about how much change it truly creates. At 1:50, you can see how Magee incorporates #Kony2012 into this piece. 8 more words


Bandwagon Causes

“Kony 2012.” “Ice Bucket Challenge.” “Find Our Girls.”

For anyone who spends a decent amount of time on the internet, I’m sure you’ve heard about these. 646 more words


Case Studies of Advocacy Journalism

Campaigns of advocacy journalism are made in large numbers every year. Some intended for small-scale issues, others intended for much larger and more pressing issues. Thousands and thousands of different campaigns are initiated each year, though only few gain public traction and are subsequently noticed. 1,672 more words