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Slacktivism: Is it worth the effort?

Identified as the act of showing support for a cause but only truly being beneficial to the egos of people participating in this so-called activism. The acts tend to require minimal personal effort from the slacktivist. 174 more words


#KONY2012: The birth of Hashtag Activism

On the 7th of March 2012 I woke up to an abundance of Facebook posts relating to #Kony2012, instructing me to “STOP KONY NOW” and “MAKE KONY FAMOUS”. 515 more words


Slacker + Activism = Slacktivism. The term itself sounds offensive. You want to be an activist, but are too lazy.

Slacktivism is defined as a low-risk, low-cost activity via social media or online. 545 more words

Is online participation an effective means of political and civic advocacy?


The core of this essay is to outline the different methods in which online political participation is employed and assess their effectiveness in conjunction with more traditional methods of political advocacy. 7,680 more words


Post About it, Be About it: thoughts on social media activism

Facebook these days is just grandmas uncomfortably commenting on pictures in which you are¬†obviously drunk, cat videos, Buzzfeed, and political ideals that no one gives a shit about except for the original poster and that one guy who likes to play devil’s advocate…or maybe he’s just actually an asshole. 408 more words

Social Media

Viral matters

At what point does social media make a difference? When I heard about the “ice bucket challenge” I asked the young woman who was explaining it to me, “what is it raising awareness for”. 171 more words

KONY 2012?

In 2012, a nonprofit organisation named Invisible Children utilised the power of social media to publish a half hour video urging grassroots campaigners to support the fight against  African war lord Joseph Kony. 137 more words

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