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Leaving Facebook

Leaving Facebook has been on my mind for years. I have deactivated my account twice, and was brought back for one reason or another. The scariest thing I have learned through the few times I have left Facebook was the dependency on it. 514 more words


The Best of Social Media

Having previously published a post that identified some of the worst social media fails, I thought it would only be fitting to follow up with a focus on some of the most successful social media campaigns to date. 357 more words

Social Media

Women Rights…. And Human Rights

If a question was asked; Is women rights part of human rights?

You would think, is that a trick question. Of course, women rights are part of human rights. 250 more words

Power Of Hashtag

The Power of #, #Kony2012

Twitter is a powerful social media platform. It’s a place where anyone can express their thoughts, on various issues. But how effective is social media? 500 more words

Power Of Hashtag

Lack of Leadership and Tangible Change: An Affirmative View

The #Kony2012 campaign was released by Invisible Children in early March of 2012. #Kony2012 was a strategically thought out operation using various forms of promotions and persuasive actions. 486 more words


Clicktivism in Youth: A Refutation

In the article titled “Kony 2012 Shows The Power Of Youth And Social Media,” author Iman Baghai explores the idea that social media in the #Kony2012 campaign helped propel the cause forward. 376 more words


"A Rational Fear: Clicktivism"

Patrick Magee takes a satirical approach on clicktivism. He puts clicktivism into perspective about how much change it truly creates. At 1:50, you can see how Magee incorporates #Kony2012 into this piece. 8 more words