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Mechanized Mutiny- Is 'Slacktivism' Still Activism?

With the prevalence of online activist campaigns in social media environments with their basic ‘click to support’ mentality, cyber-activism or ‘clicktivism‘ has gained its fair share of both supporters and critics. 275 more words


Eye of the Beholder

If you haven’t already done so, check out the CBC story on a British journalist jumping into the water in the middle of his newscast, to help refugees get to shore: … 410 more words

The Effectiveness of Clicktivism in Grassroots Political Campaigns

In the formation of protest group Wake up About the War, law student Abbey Reyes raises possibly the most important question of online activism

“Could you imagine going back to the days of phone trees and local meetings?” (Reyes, cited in Keefe 2003).

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What Can You Believe?

I’ve never been one to believe everything that’s posted on blog sites. Some of the titles are a dead give a way that the content you are about to read is not true. 617 more words


In this age of YouTube sensations and the surprisingly ubiquitous “I’ll meet you on Facebook,” it can’t come as much of a surprise when social media, our contemporary public forum, crosses paths with the original public form, politics. 844 more words


Aggregation Post: Clicktivism: Click Here!

Sensational stories sell. Sex scandals, murders and Kanye West’s smile hold public interest and are shared. It’s theorised that sensational journalism can help spread a dominant public opinion and even influence readers political views, … 333 more words


Georgetown Cupcake Is Absolutely Genius

Author: b0men

Georgetown Cupcake has one of the most brilliant business models of the 21st century. I have the utmost respect for this establishment, and for all they have accomplished in the “tasty treats” industry. 320 more words