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Thank Kookie~

Mấy nay cười dữ quá =)) thiệt là được giải trí dữ quá chắc cười gộp cho cả năm vừa qua =))

Đặt gạch đại cái hình kiếm đại trên mạng này đi, sau này edit sau nhưng trước mắt muốn nói cảm ơn em nhìu nhe Cúc =))))

I'm Terrible at First Impressions

So hi.

My name’s Luke.

I’m a writer, I’m a student, I sell books for a living, and regularly host one-man King of the Hill marathons like it’s nobody’s business. 564 more words


The nickname of Gerald Lloyd Kookson, III (Edward “Edd” Byrnes), the parking lot attendant for Dino’s restaurant who regularly appeared on the detective drama 77 SUNSET STRIP/ABC/1958-64. 575 more words

Workplace Nickname

Being Bangtan - Jhope & Jungkook Spinning

These kids crack me up. They saw this video and said they could do it too! 😂

We don’t talk politics at brunch

With November 8 right around the corner, I think a lot of us are wondering if this country is going in the right direction.

Don’t worry, I’m not about to step onto a political soap box. 810 more words