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Cell phones, germs and Kool-Aid - The Morning Thing 7/21/16

Did you know that your cell phone is covered in germs? Today, we shared how to clean your cell phone.
Numerous studies have been conducted in recent years, and the results are all pretty much the same. 120 more words


Play Dates

Like most Baby Boomers, from the time school let out at the beginning of summer until I trudged the seven blocks back to school after Labor Day with my shiny new school supplies and my book bag left over from the previous year or handed down from my sister, I played outside. 813 more words


How on Earth did I get here

This is my very first post and blogging experience. Since I have recently become unemployed, I ask myself, “How on Earth did I get here?” I have one simple answer…I didn’t drink the Kool Aid. 241 more words

Day 5: evening update

It’s been a good day, I hardly can believe that I’m saying it and I don’t want it to end, but it’s true. I’ve had a day watching films and eating strawberry liquorice, and have not really thought about illnesses or death, so that’s a good thing. 140 more words

Dying to get started

These are the results of my Kool-Aid experiment.  They were created from the wool I had received with my Schacht Wheel (I’m not really sure what it is).  236 more words


Happy 4th of July

It’s officially Independence Day (or as some jokingly refer to it on social media, Treason Day by us ungrateful former British subjects).

I didn’t go see any fireworks today because 1) I’m still in recovery mode from pneumonia, 2) I’m dog sitting in Bellevue and didn’t feel like driving cross-country, and 3) it rained on and off most of the day. 322 more words


Play Legit Talks: Fallout

The Crew is talking about the Fallout franchise (3&4), the affects of nuclear proliferation, and how the Amish would react to the onset of an atomic wasteland.