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The Kool-Aid Challenge

They call me, kids, the Kool-Aid Man
    Because I mix it well;
And when I mix the Kool-Aid, man, 
    It hits you hard as hell!

The trip's a scream; it's rotten; it's mean;—
    It casts an evil spell;—
It's a fast, full-throttled, steep careen 
    Into the bowls of hell! 25 more words

Need a ride?

I think one of the first times I realized that life wasn’t fair was when my mom wouldn’t refill my sippy cup with lime Kool-Aid no matter how much I cried. 369 more words


Cey Adams - Trusted Brands, 2015

Cey Adams. Trusted Brands, 2015. Paper and magazines on canvas.

Trusted Brands explores icons of brands that have impacted his thinking and ideology from youth. 319 more words


Drop spinning, fluff to sock!

Mr Ward recently bought me a drop spindle which came in very useful for our recent road trip to Scotland. I always thought I couldn’t use a drop spindle but gave this a go and found it to be perfect, I think the problem with my other one was the lack of weight. 67 more words

Amazing Nature...not In My Garden

Don't Drink the GOP's Brand of Government Kool-Aid

Every time there is a natural disaster who do we call for help? What about if some terrorist drop a bomb in New York City, other US land, or US presence via ship or whatever anywhere in the world? 1,749 more words

African-American News

Kool-Aid, Don't Drink your Own...

I have to admit that I haven’t really written anything in sometime. I was enjoying the time that I have had off and although it scares me to not have a steady income, it’s nice to relax after working since I was 14. 571 more words