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Kool Aid to Dye For...For Yarn, That Is

I’ve been curious about dying yarn with Kool Aid.  Sure enough sounds practical, looks easy but…

Tell me, have you tried this yet?

DIY Learn How To Hand Paint Dye Yarn with Kool Aid Easy Tutorial


Howdy pilgrim: Starbucks turkey and stuffing panini

When November rolls around, I am surprised by how little thought I’ve given to three distinct issues: Oh shit, I need to think about presents; Bing Crosby; and stuffing. 256 more words

Stu's Review


Another year, another anniversary. It seems, given recent events, especially timely to remember where hatred leads.

Terror, born in hatred and nurtured by evil, doesn’t always come from somewhere else. 1,537 more words


Have a Party With Your Bear Day

Today, November 16, 2015 is “Have a Party with Your Bear Day.” I love these unofficial holidays. I use love sitting up my bears to have a party inside a homemade tent. 331 more words

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Which Games Will Win: There's an Inception Joke In There Somewhere

The nominees for the 2015 Game Awards, the video game industry’s rough equivalent to the Oscars, has been released. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt… 1,751 more words


Slanted Cant

They pontificate

These pundits and talking heads,

In this cloud,  can we find news?


Those old objective

questions of who, what, where, when, 

how, and why have passed them by.


The GOP is a cult

The title of this article is intended to be slightly salacious and incendiary, but it’s also an honest diagnosis. The GOP, driven by a radical fundamentalist ideology, is unrecognizable as a traditional political party. 973 more words