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Neat Stuff: Funny Face

Welcome to a new segment here in Twinsanity (we told you things were starting to happen here) called Neat Stuff–where we look at toys, products, novelties and other assorted merch; not specifically animation, per se, but connected to cartoon culture or at least in a related field. 741 more words


7-Up Punch

This is one of those recipes I learned in Home Ec so many years ago. It is a little on the sweet side if memory serves me right so you may want to adjust the sugar amounts. 30 more words


Grocery Poems - Aisle 3

the yellow rubber chicken
waits patiently by the blue raspberry Kool Aid
for the boy in the red over-alls
to discover her in Aisle 3… 48 more words


The Kool-Aid Kid

My kids love Kool-Aid.

Let me rephrase that. I WISH my kids love Kool-Aid.

Oh sure, they’ll drink it from time to time. But my kids, being typical kids, want all those bad drinks. 740 more words


Why Kool Aid Determines Your Career Path

There are two groups of people at every company: those who drink the Kool and those who don’t.

Translation: you’re either “sold out” (all-in… 374 more words

Career Coach

Do You Have A Parenting Hack?

The single mom lawyer from the new reality show “Sweet Home Oklahoma” has a strategy¬†she uses to avoid cleaning up after her kids.

We can’t agree if it’s brilliant or just plain weird. 38 more words


How to Tip Your Child's Hair Using Only Kool Aid

The weather is breaking, and my kids are all reaching for the flip flops and shorts. What else are they wanting? Dyed hair of course! Being quite experienced in bad dye jobs myself, I wasn’t about to let them use any type of permanent or damaging hair dye on their perfect blonde hair. 423 more words