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Tangible Object

I know I feel better. Until today, I actually believed that Supreme Court rulings could reasonably be understood by the typical citizen; you know, like me. 537 more words


Icicles dripping
Red Kool-Aid advertisement
Poured into new snow

Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 961 (By The Gallon)

To remember when-
We used to drink it by the gallon.
It was an easy fix-
Just add water, sugar, and then mix.
. 104 more words


Life's Greatest Question Answered: Could Kool-Aid Man Really Break Through A Brick Wall?

VSauce has done us all an incredible service in answering one of life’s greatest questions:

Could Kool-Aid Man Really Break Through A Brick Wall?


Kool-Aid, Dumplings and Little Italy

I know the title may suggest a smorgasbord of NYC eats in one sitting, but the truth is over the last month I have dined at a variety of places, slowly checking off areas of the city with overwhelming food appeal. 368 more words

Don't Drink the Kool-Aid

It surprised me to discover a couple of weeks ago that it’s possible that anyone under the age of 40 has no idea what this idiom means. 950 more words

Living The Bible

Yarn Dyeing - All bare yarn colored boo hoo, need more yarn

I spent most of the weekend making, soaking and dyeing yarn blanks or yarn cakes. Definitely loving dyeing.   These first photos show the yarn I dyed as yarn cakes, basically dyed in a center pull ball. 442 more words