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CrossFit Kool Aid and Other Thoughts

It’s summer. I wanted a change from the norm, and summer’s a time to try new things. It was also hot outside, so I decided to cool off by drinking some refreshing Kool Aid. 848 more words



There are literally thousands of options for lipsticks and lip stains out there but there’s nothing better than a self made, quality lip stain that is also delicious. 47 more words


Real-Food 'Kool-Aid'

My son loves junk food. Several times since the weather warmed up Col as asked me to make Kool-Aid. Sorry kid, not going to do it. 697 more words

Real Food

Kool-Aid Stand

Hot summer at the curb
The webbing of the mini lawn chair
Making my sweaty legs itch
A big tub of grape Kool-Aid
Ready to sell… 171 more words

The All-Cliché Revue Review

“The new social media have created a self-awareness and self-absorption that puts the 70s–the so-called ‘Me Decade’–to shame.” –Public Domain


the all-cliché revue

BOOM shakalakalaka BOOM shakalakalaka… 377 more words

The 2015 Zappos family picnic

We had our annual Zappos family picnic a week ago. It came two days after the announcement of all those taking the offer I generously provided in my… 368 more words


When everything is a lie.

“Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized. In the first it is ridiculed, in the second it is opposed, in the third it is regarded as self evident.” 821 more words

Kool Aid