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The Things We Do To Make Our Kids Smile...

a) I need to invest in a box of food prep gloves.  I think my hands are permanently stained at this point.

b) A shout-out to my friend Candace for the instructions :). 265 more words


A View From Empty Nest - Nesting with Snowbirds

It has been a little while since I posted, it has been a very busy time and finding time to post has been a bit of challenge.  1,508 more words


Don’t Feed Me Poison and Call it Kool-Aid

This was pretty funny…

Google “Lobbyist claims you can drink a quart of Roundup but refuses to drink it himself.”

You’ll see a lobbyist for the manufacturers of Roundup pesticide, claiming that it’s so safe to humans that you could drink a quart and not get sick. 165 more words


Generous 2017

“Hey, Can I ask you about what is on your hand? I saw your profile picture and am curious.” I remember the first time I picked a word of the year. 765 more words

President Donald Trump And Waking Up For School And A Patron Wants A DVD And A Cult Drinking Kool-Aid

I am not sure if this was one or several dreams, and so I will type it as one dream with 4 parts; but I am not sure which order part 2 and part 3 should be in, and so I am not sure which of those parts I actually dreamed about first. 897 more words

Dream Journal

Let's Try Yarn Dyeing

Hello I’m Moomin I’m 8 yrs old and just so you know Grandma uses yarn – lots of yarn. I wanted some rainbow socks but didn’t really find anything that made me want to buy it ~ so when Grandma said lets buy a yarn dyeing starter kit I was all for it. 61 more words



I feel bad for the people who think they have a clue.

The people who always have a solid answer to all things.

Never questioning what it is that they eat. 35 more words