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Welcome to the Cult of Organization

Why Organization?

Because organization is great. It can make your life simpler and more efficient, and in doing so free up your time and money to pursue things you want to do, instead of things you end up having to do because of poor organizational planning. 232 more words


Modus Operandi

I’ve had a lifetime filled with trauma and chaos starting way back when I was a young girl.

I’ve unintentionally invited some of it in myself, holding the door wide open when I should have blocked the entrance with my plenty ample enough body. 530 more words


The Hitman's Bodyguard: "When life gives you shit, make Kool-Aid" - 9/10

For all intensive purposes this movie should’ve sucked. It is all the pieces to create another Hollywood flop: overused main actors, generic storyline, slightly lengthy runtime, no particular reason to see this movie over the other far superior cinematic experiences currently available at the box office nearest you AND with the release date at the end of summer which artificially makes all life events seem depressing since school and shittier weather are right around the corner. 565 more words


How Kool-Aid, a 90-Year-Old Summertime Icon, Has Stayed So Popular for So Long

When Corey Stutte was campaigning to be the mayor of Hastings, Neb., he knew he’d have to march in parades and give out free stuff like candy. 96 more words


Kool-Aid Sherbet Review

Recently a fellow blogger posted how Kool-Aid Sherbet has become one of her kids favorite treats. My own kids also love sherbet; I think it's part of their genetic code inherited fron their Dad, who loves sherbet! 318 more words

Fun Kids

Disconnected, Overrun, and DIY Jupiter Juice "Blood"

*For quick access to the Jupiter Juice recipe, scroll on down.

Since returning from our two-week-long summer sojourn back east, we’ve been living in a house overrun by wildlife and without access to the outside world. 675 more words