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I feel bad for the people who think they have a clue.

The people who always have a solid answer to all things.

Never questioning what it is that they eat. 35 more words


He's Never Seen A Dish Like La Flor

“I don’t want to go to a parent teacher conference. My daughters are all grown,” I said.

“Ray, it’s me, Big Carmen. I’m like your brother. 644 more words


Sunny Ways

I think we can all agree that the world needs more rainbows. I wanted a bit of instant gratification colour so I decided to dye some yarn over the weekend. 485 more words


Welcome to the Cult of Organization

Why Organization?

Because organization is great. It can make your life simpler and more efficient, and in doing so free up your time and money to pursue things you want to do, instead of things you end up having to do because of poor organizational planning. 232 more words


Modus Operandi

I’ve had a lifetime filled with trauma and chaos starting way back when I was a young girl.

I’ve unintentionally invited some of it in myself, holding the door wide open when I should have blocked the entrance with my plenty ample enough body. 530 more words