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Kool Aid

January 31st, 2018

Through life, we are easily influenced by others. We are influenced by what teams we like, what sports we like, what styles or colors we are drawn to. 200 more words

Journey 2018

The Kool-Aid Man is Real


Greyhedge is a small town, much like any small town with a population of around 650 people. For the most part, everyone knows each other. 5,195 more words


FFfAW — Seeing the Light

“Is he God?” Allsion asked Victor. “Did you see how he reached up and grabbed a sunbeam from the sun and held it between his thumb and forefinger? 173 more words

Flash Fiction

And Now, I Finally Publicly Admit That My Nose Was Too Big For My Face in 2010

As me and all my friends edge closer to 20, I want to properly mourn the last decade of our lives.

I remember turning 10. It was the end of fourth grade, and our class pet, a hermit crab, had died overnight. 878 more words


Flavor vs Color? What side are you on?

In the last few months, I visited a couple of dining establishments to grab some food and I had to take a step back when I saw that they each sold Kool-Aid. 240 more words

Melanated And Educated

Dye Your Own Multi-Color Yarn with the kids!

I follow a lot of indie yarn dye artists on Instagram. They have such a pretty variety of yarn. One’s you can not find at the big box stores. 955 more words

My theory on my form of depression...

The word “depression” is an understatement for those who live it. It is not a temporary feeling that passes, it is a state of being. It is something that we must consistently fight against in an effort to have normal thought patterns–those patterns reflecting, you know, rationality. 1,009 more words