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Dyed in the Wool Sisters

There’s only one thing that makes crafting more fun, and that’s family.

When I flew home for my birthday – whose number will remain undisclosed – I arrived armed with KnitPicks… 1,030 more words

The Cult of Craft Ale: Why I Don't Bother and Neither Should You

Beer. What is it? It’s a drink. It’s a drink that gets you drunk. At least it used to be. Now it’s a concept and a lifestyle that renders the above question far more complex and time consuming than it needs to be. 2,637 more words


Kool Aid Dyeing

For my first official post, I present to you my final project from my Maker Spaces class.  I had originally been set on weaving, but had some difficulties so I ended up switching to dyeing yarn with Kool Aid.  132 more words


What's The Other 80%?!

So I’m at lunch, drinking my protein shake, and munching on my portion-sized reduced fat Cheez-Its and sugar snap peas (that I’m dipping in hummus).  Sounds like a (reasonably healthy) lunch, wouldn’t you say?  384 more words


Lay Off the Kool Aid - The Progress of a Pilgrim

NB – Being an atheist and humanist it may surprise some to know I have the utmost respect for Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress. Along with Dante’s Divine Comedy it’s one of the greatest and most imaginative stories ever written. 616 more words

Kool-Aid and Malt Liquor.

What would happen if the Kool-Aid Man and the Schlitz Malt Liquor bull tried to smash through the same wall at the same time? Even worse what if they were on opposite sides of the wall, and collided? 298 more words