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Anglo-Saxon Ethnic Pride Day

Few people realize that I was the inventor of Anglo-Saxon Ethnic Pride Day. It was announced by Mrs. Charles Wesendonk, Chairman of the Boomerstown Women’s Club Cultural Affairs Committee in my play “The Boomerstown Women’s Club Cultural Affairs Committee Invites You to a VISIT WITH THE MUSE Featuring All of Boomerstown’s Leading Poets.” 159 more words

Sugar by Any Other Name, Would Taste as Sweet!

People that know me at work ask from time to time, “Don’t you ever eat anything unhealthy?”

Of course, I do. Everyone has their less than glorious moments, when the Little Sugar Devil outweighs the Little Sensible Angel on the other side. 280 more words


Seeing red in food dyes

They have no nutritional value; they are completely unnecessary; and they are harmful to health. Yet food dyes are added in growing amounts.

If you read food labels, as I do, you won’t necessarily find them listed.   499 more words


Spinzilla Ends

As of Sunday October 9, 2016 I had spun 3,488 yards of yarn for Spinzilla Credit.  This means that for every yard of singles that I spun as well as all that I plied I received credit.  136 more words


Follow Your Nose, Navigating Maker Faire

What drew me into the Maker Faire might surprise some: I was asked to volunteer to help guests sort out their recycling. While not the most glamorous job, I was posted next to the main stage and really got into character, the smell of ketchup giving me flashbacks from when I worked as a cashier at McDonald’s. 526 more words


What’s so cool about interning at Microsoft Research Anyway?: A summer at MSR

On the low this blog is actually much overdue but we’re going to go with it anyway. There are a couple disclaimers I want to make before you, the reader, get into all this 🐸☕️. 1,644 more words