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Brett Jolly's Daily Thought ("Your one wild and precious life")

Over the weekend I saw a sign off the side of the road that managed to gain my attention. The sign was a simple one with a very simple message, and that message was “What do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Now, if you think about this “subliminally” (which I am always prone to do), then you can probably find “hidden” messages within these words. 340 more words

...poverty, alms for arms, 'free trade'? and other tithings of great joy...

…some poor we never will have with us…

So many of the inner cities, and elsewhere, of the US feel they are exceptional in their poverty and hopeless existence. 508 more words


Welcome to MAY. MY MONTH! My Season of Celebration.

There’s clattering of oriental dinner plates set up in a pile on the large mahogany dining table, cutleries stored away were now also making their way to the kitchen sink, I can hear my mother giving strict orders and directions “ 892 more words

A Little More Kindness

How to win a free trip to Ireland

“If your mind isn’t cluttered by unnecessary things, this could be the best day of your life.”—From a message left on my voicemail by The Zing of the Possibility Alliance… 481 more words

Another Celebration

Here’s how Five 2 One announced the inclusion of my poem The Road to Nirvanah (a Drama Review) on its blog.

Five 2 One Magazine… 120 more words


Big Bag of Vinyls

 Rolling Stones

Alan Parsons Project

 Led Zepplin


 Kool and the Gang


Electric Light Orchestra

Solution to the Athletics' 'Celebration' postgame song fiasco

Woohoo? Why the #Athletics nixed "Celebration" after wins: http://t.co/vXlbbsBFYM pic.twitter.com/O7q0qyZbYA

— SFGate (@SFGate) April 8, 2015

If you haven’t heard the news, the A’s are using a new song to play during postgame high-fives.

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