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Local Woman Sacked for Dragging Hitler into Euro Debate

Local woman and former councillor Mrs Queenie Calhoun has been suspended as chair of the Dalston chapter of Independence for the UK (IFtUK) for breaching the party’s rules on Good Taste and Media Etiquette. 233 more words


Kool (Aid) and the Gang

I’m definitely thinking stickers, but maybe also on a t shirt or tote bag. We’ll see.

Interesting fact: they used Flavour Aid rather than Kool Aid, simply because it was cheaper. 9 more words

Who Or What Do You Believe?

Many people have real difficulty in discerning, this is because social factors so often cloud things. They will believe pretty much anything if the “right” person tells them it, even if it is pants. 264 more words

Self Discovery

Ooh La La La!

You know sometimes songs enter your mind, for no particular reason, or someone may have said something, and it triggers memories of a certain set of lyrics, from a long forgotten song. 99 more words


Top 5 Wedding Entrance Songs

According to us, anyway ;)

Many of our clients ask us, “Which song(s) do you recommend for our grand entrance?”

This is a very good question, because your grand entrance really sets the tone for the entire evening.   212 more words

100 things: Redux (61-80)

Welcome to part 4 of “This 25-year-old revisited her teen years. What she discovered about herself will shock you.” [ Part 1 / Part 2… 1,418 more words

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